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Pharmacy & Health Sciences Building
PA Program

Student Leadership—A Presidential Purpose

Over the years, the Butler PA Program has witnessed great leadership from students who have served in the role of class president. Our current cohorts are no exception as Adrianna Denault ’18 (PA-3), Rick Siersma ’18 (MPAS2), and Chad Robertson ’19 (MPAS1) now carry this baton.

All three of these students came to Butler through different avenues and with varying experiences. Denault shared that her experience as the Vice President of Student Council helped prepare her for this role, while Robertson believes his experience as a project manager at the corporate level will serve him well. Siersma states that his previous “opportunities to work with people from diverse backgrounds and differing opinions made me better equipped to handle a role that required listening to others to come up with ideas and compromises.”

The main role of the class president for our PA cohorts is to facilitate communication between the class and faculty. In addition, the class presidents and other officers try to keep a pulse on their cohort to provide support and encouragement when needed. Robertson and his fellow class officers have recently introduced an online catalogue of student resources and plan to establish a “weekly round table forum for open course discussion.”

Our class presidents definitely believe their current leadership roles will assist them as future practitioners. “Over the past two years, I have learned great communication and problem solving skills,” stated Denault. Robertson acknowledges that serving as president has uniquely positioned him to absorb as much as possible from his classmates and faculty. Overall, the presidential role has emphasized to these leaders the “importance of being empathetic to their classmates and future colleagues’ individual situations,” states Siersma.

Adrianna Denault   Rick Siersma   Chad Robertson

Adrianna Denault '18


Rick Siersma '18

  Chad Robertson '19