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Pharmacy & Health Sciences Building
PA Program

Physician Assistant Education Association Forum

By Jennifer Zorn

PA faculty at PAEAThe Physician Assistant Education Association (PAEA) Annual Meeting occurred in Minneapolis, MN, October 13 to October 16. This annual meeting is one that faculty look forward to attending. The conference provides opportunities to discuss best teaching practices as well as develop new and innovative ideas for the classroom. The conference offers faculty a chance to make new connections, develop ideas for collaborative projects, or present their research.

The new Dean, Dr. Robert Soltis, and the Associate Dean of Experiential Education, Dr. Julie Koehler, attended the conference with the PA Program Director, Dr. Jennifer Snyder, and eight additional program faculty. The administration and faculty from Butler University celebrated Dr. Snyder as the President of PAEA this year with a dinner in her honor sponsored by the Dean. Faculty member Christopher Roman presented his research End of Rotation Exam Scores Predict Certification Exam Scores with faculty from Wayne State University.

The PAEA conference provides an opportunity to learn more about the issues facing the profession and how education must adapt to meet those needs. This year Timi Agar Barwick, the Chief Executive Officer of PAEA, challenged educators to continue to “raise the bar” in what we do. In addition, the PAEA adopted a resolution that calls for transparency in conversations regarding the recertification process between the Four Orgs: AAPA, NCCPA, ARC-PA, and PAEA.

I have been attending the conference annually since 2009, and I consistently leave with renewed energy about education, students, and the future of PAs. It was a great year to attend the conference and to be a PA Educator. Next year, the conference will be in Denver, Colorado, and it is already on my calendar.