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PA Program

Non-Academic Evaluation (NAE) 2017

On September 22 and 23 of this year, the Butler University PA Program hosted 156 candidates on campus who interviewed for a highly desirable seat in the Class of 2020. Our interview process provided an opportunity for these candidates from 30 different states to learn more about Butler University and our PA Program. The candidates were able to present how they would be a good fit and make great contributions, if admitted.

In order to be invited to interview, all candidates completed an application via CASPA (The Central Application Services for Physician Assistants). The PA Admission Committee and additional faculty reviewed the applications to identify those excelling in scholarship, leadership, service, and communication. A select group of candidates were then invited to attend the Non-Academic Evaluation (NAE) interviews on campus.

The NAE was designed in a modified multiple mini-interview format. Candidates were evaluated for characteristics necessary to be successful in the PA Program as well as discernment to enter the PA profession through a series of task-oriented and interview-based stations. The Program has always been blessed with numerous faculty, staff, alumni, and preceptors who serve as evaluators during the NAE. This year was no exception. One of our interview stations allowed the PA Program to greatly expand the number of evaluators participating, as alumni were able to review and evaluate interviews from a distant location. It was exciting to announce this to our candidates, as they were impressed by the alumni participation.

The Butler PA Program is extremely thankful for the assistance the alumni, preceptors, faculty, and staff provided our Program to successfully host our interviews again this year. We could not do it without their support! In addition to the Program’s faculty and staff, NAE 2017 Evaluators included:

Carol Sitzman '96
Melissa Willman '10
Erin Wehrheim '16
Jennifer Garrett '99
Kristen Farthing '11
Kevin Bogenshutz '17
Kimberly Goletz '01
Sarah Jones '11
Mallory Cross '17
Kristin Lange '01
Anna Modansky '11
Amanda Eckhardt '17
David Allaben '03
Abbie Smith '11
Daniel Fisher '17
Chris Dilger '03
Danielle Johnson '12
Lauren Gorden '17
Karey Whistler '03
Austin Slayter '12
Chase Keirn '17

Sarah Adams '04
Kyler Benbow '13
Kristen Lohe '17
Amber Gath '04
Julie Frey '13
Anna Mihelich '17
Letitia Lynch '04
Megan Larsen '13
Karissa Miller '17
Jennifer Bradley '05
Sara Lennon '13
Emily Williams '17
Emily Wandel '05
Deborah Hatch '14
Bonnie Brown
Andrea Gill '06
David Tann '14
Lauren Czosnowski
Mark Lutz '06
Danielle Krizka '15


Mikaela Drake
Danielle Lehman '08
Melissa Meyer '15
Anna Gerlach
Jennifer Black '09
Megan Railing '15
Brenda Quincy
Sarah Koopman '09
Kristin Burton '16
Carriann Smith '99
Andrew Nord '09
Jaclyn Demeter '16
Michael Vance
Leila Reed '09
Anna Jackson '16
Dillon Wyatt
Jessica Meriwether '10
Sarah Rooksberry '16
Kelly Wyatt
Jared Wiebel '10


We are also thankful to the 45 current students who assisted with ensuring the interview day ran smoothly for our candidates. These students took time away from studying and small breaks in their rotations to assist us.

Kelsey Berggren '17
Elizabeth Ash '18
Deirdre Murphy '18
Emily Brown '17
Maria Baer '18
Laurel Popplewell '18
Morgan Clarkson '17
Maddie Cornell '18
Monica Pritchard '18
Maribeth Cowsert '17
Colleen Cotter '18
Maggie Rancich '18
Marissa Ehrlich '17
Jordan Czajka '18
Mackenzie Redman '18
Lena Grunloh '17
Doug Day '18
Chad Robertson '18
Amy Koester '17
Lauren DeShaw '18
Anne Smrek '18
Bridget Louis '17
Caitie Dierkes '18
Kimberly Strickland '18
Rachel Mays '17
Kelly Dufour '18
Emily Tinguely '18
Megan Murphy '17
Kelsey Haas '18
Anna Turner '18
Anne Peanasky '17
Rachel Jagrowski '18
Yao Wang '18
Rick Siersma '17
Natalie Jones '18
Sydney Williams '18
Kate Tenbarge '17
Ellen Junewick '18
Kelley Wormmeester '18
Hannah Acre '18
Chelsea Marchione '18
Jessica Yang '18
Heather Anderson '18
Megan Menapace '18
Ivanna Yu '18