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Pharmacy & Health Sciences Building
PA Program

Students Attend AAPA Leadership and Advocacy Summit

Donofrio and FisherIn February 2016, Drew Donofrio ’17 and Daniel Fisher ’17 attended the American Academy for Physician Assistants (AAPA) Leadership and Advocacy Summit with Professor Jennifer Snyder. Drew and Daniel attended several sessions, the most memorable one being, Addressing Obesity: A Leadership Moment for PAs. Obesity was not a subject Drew and Daniel had considered when pondering leadership, but the speaker got them thinking. The summit also afforded opportunities to visit Capitol Hill, and see in action—under the experienced guidance of Snyder—how PAs influence legislation that impacts the PA profession. One take away the pair learned from experienced PA advocates was that it takes time and persistence to accomplish change. While at the summit, the two were pleased to be present when the announcement of the name change from Physician Assistant to PA was made.

The Leadership and Advocacy Summit afforded the pair a broader view and preview of how to be involved in the profession after graduation. It allowed them to see from the top down how PAs benefit from those who take the time to affect change and progress. They noted what a privilege it was, as students, to see leadership possibilities in their profession that they had not considered previously.

While the summit was an incredible experience for students, the pair notes that the Butler PA program does a fantastic job of offering leadership opportunities to all PA students. Daniel, President of his PA class, noted, “The faculty’s involvement in IAPA is a huge bonus to the students. The faculty model leadership by their associations on local and national levels.”  Drew speculates, though it is a time commitment to be involved in leadership, “you can always find a way to make it work.”