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Pharmacy & Health Sciences Building
PA Program

Faculty Highlight—Jennifer Zorn

Jennifer ZornBA in Biology, Hanover College ’95
MS in Biology, Purdue University ’96
MS in PA Science, Finch University of Health Sciences ’99

What are your responsibilities in the PA Program?

My teaching responsibilities include coordinating History and Physical Examination Labs as well as Issues in Professional Practice. I currently chair the PA Curriculum Committee and served as the faculty advisor for the 2016 Challenge Bowl team. At the College level, I am a student advisor and the PA representative for the Professional Standards Committee. My outside professional responsibilities include chair of awards and scholarships for IAPA.

What do you like most about your roles?

The opportunity to go to work every day with colleagues who inspire and challenge me to be better in education, teaching, and service. I also am thankful to be able to work with the next generation of PAs and be with them when they have light bulb moments. You visibly see it and it makes my role worthwhile.

You are also serving as Interim Assistant Dean. Why are you serving in that role and what do you believe you can bring to that role?

I have been on the Academic and Professional Affairs Committee, which has provided insight to students who need a neutral party. I felt that I could contribute to the College in a meaningful way while serving as Interim Assistant Dean. I love the opportunity to work with student organizations and groups through all the COPHS programs.

What is your previous work experience?

After graduation from Hanover College with a BA in Biology in 1995, I went to work with the Forest Service in Colorado. I thought I wanted to be an environmentalist. Some of my responsibilities included range analysis to ensure cattle were not over grazing and fighting wild fires. It was very solitary work and helped me realize I wanted to help people. While I was pursuing my MS in Biology from Purdue University, I decided to change my focus of that master’s degree and apply to PA School. After attending and graduating from PA school at Finch University of Health Sciences (now Rosalind Franklin University), I worked in Internal Medicine in the northern suburbs of Chicago. I then moved to Kansas City and worked in family medicine until joining the Butler faculty in June 2006.

What drew you to teach at Butler?

I had returned to Indianapolis to visit with a family friend and saw a job opening in the PA Program in the Indianapolis Star. My husband’s work had recently relocated us to Indianapolis and he fully supported my application. In one week, I developed a lecture on pituitary glands to deliver to the students during my interview. The lecture experience and strong questions from students had me hooked. My exposure to education from my parents (my dad taught a night course at Butler and mom taught elementary school), also helped draw me to the field. 

How do you spend time outside of work?

With my husband, my mom, and two girls, ages 5 and 8. I enjoy cooking with my family and spending time outdoors. My family’s favorite annual trip is the apple orchard.