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Jared Wiebel Answers the Call to Lead

Jared Wiebel and Jen SnyderA desire to have a direct impact in patients’ lives, to propel the PA profession forward, and to serve as a good citizen are just a few reasons why Jared Wiebel ’10, serves so faithfully as a PA, preceptor, and leader in the profession.

Being the first in his family to pursue a career in healthcare, Jared shadowed many nurses and doctors during high school. After a physician’s recommendation, Jared found the right fit in the PA profession. In turn, Butler University became the perfect campus to pursue this goal.

While in the PA program at Butler, Jared struggled—as many do—with the transition from undergraduate coursework to graduate-level rigor. He says it was a “big wake-up call.” Jared also recalls his realization that “every single day you are learning what will directly impact the wellbeing of patients [he] would see down the road.” This helped him embrace his coursework and make it his top priority.

Jared serves in emergency medicine at East Central Iowa Acute Care. He enjoys the opportunity to utilize every piece of information he learned in school as he treats all ages and all areas of the body. Jared has a desire to take care of the acutely sick or injured, helping them through very difficult situations.

Jared at PA at 20In July 2016, Jared will assume the role of President of the Iowa Physician Assistant Society. He is excited to celebrate as the profession commemorates 50 years and the great advances that have been made to expand healthcare and advance legislation. He is thrilled to answer the call to lead, encouraging PAs to get involved in the organization and profession.

Jared was extremely honored when the Butler University PA program selected him as one of the alumni to be inducted into the Pi Alpha Honor Society on April 22, 2016. Jared shared he was both humbled and encouraged to receive this support from his alma mater.

Jared and his wife Cara ’10, who both love to travel, are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their first child in July.