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Personal Training

Butler University Personal Training

Personalized Programs

Physical fitness is achieved by choosing a lifestyle that leads to improved levels of cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, and flexibility as well as the achievement and maintenance of a healthy body weight. Our personal training service strives to serve Butler University and the surrounding community by meeting the needs of our clients. Our trainers will create a personalized program for you to help you achieve fitness-related goals specific to you and your lifestyle.

Interested in becoming an HRC Personal Trainer?

The In-House Personal Training Certification Course will be back for the fall 2020 semester!  If you have ever considered becoming a certified personal trainer, this may be the course for you. For more information, check back to this page for updates leading into fall semester. Updates and announcements will also be posted to the instagram page.  

*The In-House Personal Training Certification Course is for students only.


Due to liability and safety reasons personal trainers not employed through Butler University's Office of Recreation and Wellness are prohibited from conducting personal training in the HRC. There are no exceptions.

Personal Training Rates

Before the first personal training session, clients are required to purchase and complete a personal training fitness assessment with their trainer. This assessment will include a brief evaluation of the client’s physical health and a discussion of their goals.

(Note: personal training fitness assessments are separate from annual employee fitness assessments.)


Personal Training Fitness Assessment

  • Student Rate: $15
  • Butler Employee Rate: $15
  • Member Rate: $25
  • Non-Member Rate: $35

60-Minute Personal Training Session

  • Student Rate: $20
  • Butler Employee Rate: $20
  • Member Rate: $30
  • Non-member Rate: $40


Notice: Prospective clients must be at least 16 years old to be eligible for the personal training service. All training sessions must be used within six months of date of purchase. 

How to Register

  1. Print or download the Registration packet (link below) and return the completed document to Butler Personal Training ( either via email or hard copy to the front desk. The Registration Packet can also be found at the front desk at the HRC. 

  2. Based on the responses of the Registration Packet, you may be also asked to complete a Medical Release form (link below). Butler Personal Training will notify you once the Registration Packet is complete and turned in, whether you will need to complete the Medical Release document. 

  3. If you need additional assistance, please contact Butler Personal Training at or at 317-940-6121.

*Once you submit your registration packet, it may take up to a week to process your paperwork and pair you with the trainer that will fit your goals and needs. 

Registration Packet

Registration Packet (PDF)
Medical Release Form (PDF) *Please complete Medical Release Form only if instructed by your personal trainer or the Fitness Coordinator.

Meet Our Trainers

Aaron Blades 

Aaron is a senior and has a personal trainer for four years. He enjoys weight lifting, playing video games, sleeping, and spending time with friends and family. At the gym, his favorite exercise is the barbell back squat, and believes it is “the best thing since sliced bread”. One of his favorite things about the HRC is the layout of the equipment and the atmosphere created. 

 Aaron’s Fitness Philosophy: It is not about what you do or how long you do it, but whether you enjoy it. If you don’t enjoy working out, you won’t make an effort to do it, so it is important to find something that works for you.


Dawson Blades

Dawson is a sophomore studying Education and has been a personal trainer for one year. In his spare time, Dawson enjoys weight lifting, playing basketball, skateboarding, and spending time with his friends. Specifically with weight lifting, he enjoys working on upper body exercises especially any movements that work the chest and arm muscles. One of his favorite things about the HRC is the culture of the facility. He feels welcome and recognizes friends every time he is there. 

Dawson’s Fitness Philosophy: Fitness isn’t just a hobby but rather a way of life. It improves your total health- emotionally, spiritually, and physically.



Grace Butkus

Grace is a senior studying Mechanical Engineering and Economics. She has been a personal trainer for 3 years, and enjoys running, reading, and cooking in her free time. Her favorite type of workout includes strength and endurance exercises with a focus on movements to improve running form and efficiency. She loves the friendly staff and atmosphere at the HRC.

Grace’s Fitness Philosophy: Consistency is key for fitness, and it is important to find a workout that you enjoy. The gym shouldn’t be a chore but rather a place to appreciate all your body can do. 


Erin Dark

Erin is a 5th year Pharmacy student and has been a personal trainer for three years. She enjoys reading, traveling, and running in her spare time. One of her favorite workouts to perform is high intensity interval training (HIIT), and she loves the Butler community at the HRC.

Erin’s Fitness Philosophy: Fitness is more than your physical health!


Carmen Galgano

Carmen is a senior and has been a personal trainer for just over one year. In his free time, Carmen enjoys playing guitar, watching movies, and sports. His favorite type of workout includes high intensity strength training, and one of his favorite things about the HRC are the people. 

Carmen’s Fitness Philosophy: It is important to work hard and to incorporate cardio into weight training in order to maximize results.


Maggie Grover

Maggie graduated from IUPUI with a degree in Event Management and has been a personal trainer for three years. She enjoys hanging out with her dog, baking, yoga, running, and trying new restaurants. Maggie loves to mix things up and try new exercises that are fun and challenging. One of her favorite things about the HRC is the awesome staff and clients she can interact with.

Maggie’s Fitness Philosophy: Moving is a privilege, not a burden, and we are lucky to have working able bodies!


Megan Helfers

Megan is a senior studying Marketing and Healthcare Management. She has been a personal trainer for two years, and enjoys dancing and hanging out with her housemates. Her favorite type of exercise is weight training, and one of her favorite things about Butler is that it is small, so it is extremely likely to see friends all over campus.

Megan’s Fitness Philosophy: Your only limit is you!


Mahmood Kedo

Mahmood is a graduate student studying Biology. In his free time he enjoys playing soccer and watching Netflix. 

Mahmood's Fitness Philosophy: Exercise should be fun and enjoyable; it should not feel like a chore. Find the workout regimen that you enjoy most and stick with it rather than forcing yourself to do something else. 


Connor Kesslering


Alyssa Ritter

Alyssa is a junior studying Biology and has been a personal trainer for two years. In her spare time she enjoys training for marathons, trying new coffee shops, and shopping. Her favorite type of workout is a tempo run on the track, and she loves the motivating community that fills the HRC. Alyssa likes to focus on exercises with a wide variety of movements, holds, and stretches that assist in mobility and functional fitness. 

Alyssa’s Fitness Philosophy: Being fit includes both well rounded exercises and a holistic approach to other aspects of individual lifestyles.


Khusbu Shah

Khusbu is in her fourth year as a Health Sciences student on the Pre-Physicians Assistant track. She has been a personal trainer for one year, and in her free time she enjoys cooking and painting. Some of her favorite things to do at the gym include weight lifting, and AMRAP (as many reps as possible) workouts. Khusbu’s favorite thing about the HRC is that anyone can find something they love to do. Between the numerous workout classes offered, and the variety of equipment, there are options for everyone. 

Khusbu’s Fitness Philosophy: Your fitness journey is different from everyone else’s, so the only person you should ever compare yourself to is you. Be proud of where you are and continue to work towards your goals every day.


Natalie Szocs

Assistant Director of Recreation & Wellness, Fitness & Marketing 

Natalie has been a certified personal trainer for 7 years.  She received her Bachelor’s degree in Health Promotion from the University of Cincinnati and her Master’s in Sport Administration from Belmont University.  Since arriving to Indy in August she has been working as the Assistant Director of Fitness and Marketing in the Office of Recreation and Wellness.  Natalie loves weightlifting and yoga, and her new favorite spot in the HRC is the newly renovated sauna.  Her current favorite exercise is cycling because the cycle instructors at the HRC hold her accountable and kick her butt!

Natalie's Fitness Philosophy: Fitness is a unique experience.  Try different things and find out what ignites your passion.  It’s much easier to stick to a fitness routine if you enjoy what you do!

Kaitlyn Thornton

Kaitlyn is a sophomore studying  Psychology and Spanish. She has been a personal trainer for one year and enjoys high intensity interval training workouts (HIIT). In her spare time she likes to watch movies, spend time with her family, and be outdoors. One of her favorite things about the HRC is the ability to meet people with different stories and backgrounds. 

Kaitlyn’s Fitness Philosophy: It is important to explore your fitness options and to change up your workouts since it is easier to feel motivated when you find an activity that you genuinely enjoy!


Joey Willems

Joey is a senior studying Spanish and Psychology as part of the Pre-Physical Therapy track. He has been a trainer for one year, and in his free time you can catch him running, watching movies, biking, rollerblading, and hanging out with his friends. One of his favorite things about the HRC is that there are so many options and classes to make fitness fun!

Joey’s Fitness Philosophy: Having a healthy mind, body, and lifestyle are important aspects in regards to fitness. Doing the small things correctly and consistently can have drastic impacts on your life. Fitness needs vary by individual and everyone’s goals, wants, and needs are important and different.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check my personal training account usage and balance?

Clients can check their used and remaining trainning sessiong by logging into their ActiveNet account. For additional steps, refer to ActiveNet Balance for Personal Training instructions. 

How can I cancel a personal training session?

Cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to session by notifying your personal trainer directly. Sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours notice are forfeited. Contact Butler Personal Training at 317-940-6121 or for information regarding personal training services.


How long do I have to complete the sessions I purchased?

Individuals may prepay for as many sessions as they would like as long as all training sessions are used within 6 months of the purchase date.


How long is a personal training session?

Traditional training sessions are 60 minutes long and typically include a warm-up and cool-down period.


What is a fitness assessment?

Fitness Assessments are the essential first step in the training process. It allows for the opportunity to gather information related to the participant’s current level of health and physical fitness. Fitness assessments are comprehensive and will take approximately 45-60 minutes to complete and will not count as a training session. Fitness assessments include the following tests:

1. Body composition- body fat, height, and weight

2. Blood pressure screening

3. Balance

4. Cardiovascular endurance

5. Flexibility

6. Cardiovascular health- resting blood pressure and heart rate measurements

7. Muscular strength and endurance

8. Functional mobility

Based on your fitness goals and test results, your personal trainer will create a fitness program customized for you.


Is there an age requirement?

Prospective clients must be at least 16 years old in order to be eligible for personal training services.


Can I choose my personal  trainer?

Clients may request a specific trainer in the training registration form located within the Health History document download. There is no guarantee that they will be matched with their requested trainer, but efforts will be taken to do so.


How should I prepare for my fitness assessment or personal training session?

It is recommended to bring a water bottle and to wear clothes that are loose and comfortable. Some materials, such as synthetic fabrics have wicking properties that can help sweat evaporate quickly and keep your body cool. Proper footwear allows you to move properly, and can help prevent injuries. It is best to choose a stable sneaker that will help you get the most out of your workout. 

Towels are available and free of charge. Please return towels at the end of use. 

Daily lockers can be used to store personal items during personal training sessions. These lockers are located near the front desk just through the gates. Longer term lockers can be rented for a small fee.


Do I have to be a member of the HRC to use personal training services?

Non-members do not need a membership to use the personal training services. Please refer to “Personal Training Rates” for pricing differences.