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Matthew Budi ’15

Major / Program: 
Matthew Budi

Matthew Budi ’15 came to Butler University as a student unsure of his ability or potential. Almost six years later, he prepares to leave Butler’s College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences as a confident, developed professional.

“To see the growth of people from start to finish, that is what amazes me most about Butler,” he said. “It’s how the faculty helps you become an independent thinker, someone who can work on their own, but at the same time providing great support for students to help them grow.”

Budi gained confidence in himself and his knowledge of pharmacy during class labs, in which professors presented students with challenging real-life scenarios in a comfortable learning environment.

He volunteered at Gennesaret Free Clinics, a low-income clinic near Butler, to practice interacting with and assisting a variety of patients with medical needs from behind the pharmacy counter.

Now, Budi is conducting his senior project—a requirement of all Pharmacy students—on vaccination trends in the greater Indianapolis area. Through the support of Pharmacy faculty Veronica Vernon and Chad Knoderer, Budi developed his thesis and is in the midst of collecting survey data to educate Indianapolis residents on vaccination.

He plans to present his findings at the Butler Undergraduate Research Conference in April.

Looking back on his time at Butler, Budi said it was the inspiration of faculty that encouraged him to leap into new experiences and take charge of his professional future.

“They will do anything in their power to help make you the best person possible, the best pharmacist possible,” Budi said. “They do a great job helping to spur you forward and really stimulate you academically and give you great support.”

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