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Jessie Eastman ’15

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Jessie Eastman

Less than one year after graduating from Butler’s Lacy School of Business, Jessie Eastman ’15 is taking Sun King Brewing Company, Indianapolis’ second largest brewing company, by storm. She said that she has Butler to thank.

“Everything I was able to do at Butler really prepared me for everything I am doing now,” Eastman said.  “It is such a great community and really pushes you to do things that are going to push yourself to be the best you can be.”

Eastman is the Community Development and Events facilitator for Sun King, and works with over 350 nonprofits across Indianapolis. She said her department believes everything Indianapolis needs to be a better city is already here. Her job is to help improve the community by connecting the community.

“We try to be the organization that transcends that work,” Eastman said. “It’s as little as donating a gift bag to these nonprofits, or beer for the events that they may not be able to pay for.”

Eastman started working full-time for Sun King since graduating in May 2015, yet this isn’t her first time working for them. She interned there during her fall semester senior year, and ended up working for them part time during her spring semester as well.

“Something that I will forever value from the Lacy School of Business is the requirement of two internships,” Eastman said. “My second internship actually landed me my current full-time position.”

Internship experience wasn’t the only thing that the Lacy School of Business provided. Eastman said things like cross subject learning really prepared her for the real world.

“I was a marketing major, but I took classes in accounting, classes in finance, and entrepreneurship,” Eastman said. “In the Lacy School of Business, it is real life, real business and it is crazy how true that is. And whether I realized it in my undergraduate studies or not, I am realizing it now.”

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