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Temporary Parking Passes

Temporary parking passes are required and available internal campus community (students, faculty, staff, affiliate groups, etc.) and overnight visitors. To learn more about the different temporary parking passes explore the sections below.

To obtain a temporary parking pass, you will need to provide your name, address, phone number as well as your vehicle information (make, model, color, license plate year, and number). Temporary parking passes can be purchased here:

Office of Parking Services
Sunset Avenue Parking Garage
4702 Sunset Drive, Suite 500
Indianapolis, IN 46208
Phone: 317-940-9243
Hours: 8:00 AM–4:30 PM Monday through Friday (Closed Noon–1:00 PM)
After business hours-University Police Department Dispatch Center at 525 W. Hampton Dr

Temporary Guest and Contractor Parking Passes

Visitor Eligibility

A visitor is someone who is not directly associated with Butler University. Admissions visitors may park in the designated spots in front of Robertson Hall.

Visitors will be permitted to utilize metered spots or the Sunset Avenue Parking Garage.

Overnight guests will be permitted to park at no cost in the I Lot or at the posted daily rate in the Sunset Avenue Parking Garage (possible restrictions during events). Visitors or guests not staying overnight should use the parking garage.

Guest, visitor, and temporary parking passes can be obtained at the Parking Services Office (4702 Sunset Drive, Suite 500, Indianapolis, IN 46208, see hours below) or from the University Police Department Communications Office located at 525 W. Hampton Drive, 7 days-a-week, 24 hours-a-day.

Contractor Eligibility

Proof of employment doing contractual business with the University will be required to obtain a parking pass. There is a fee for this tag.

You will be issued a temporary hangtag. Contractors will only be allowed to park in the Hinkle Lot or Sunset Avenue Parking Garage.

The temporary/guest hangtag will expire on the day noted on the hangtag. If you plan to stay on campus longer that your hangtag allows, you must either purchase a new hangtag or utilize a metered parking spot. Changing the date on our temporary hangtag renders the tag fraudulent and will result in ticketing and possible towing.

Temporary Parking for Faculty, Staff, Students, Affiliates

 Students that bring an unregistered vehicle to campus may receive a temporary hangtag for one week - but there is no long-term temporary parking for those on the wait list for a permit. Be sure to register your vehicle before you bring it to campus. The temporary hangtag information below is for employees and students who have registered their vehicles.

Temporary parking passes are required whenever a registered student, faculty member, staff member, or member of an affiliated group with office space on campus will be parking a vehicle on University property for a period of time less than one week. Passes may be obtained at the Office of Parking Services (4702 Sunset Drive, Suite 500, Indianapolis, IN 46208) during posted hours or from the University Police Department communications office, 525 W. Hampton Drive, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Temporary passes generally can only be issued for a period no longer than three weeks. No other division or college is permitted to issue a temporary parking pass without approval from the chief of police. Requests for temporary parking passes must be in writing and submitted to the chief of police. Temporary parking passes will only be granted in a few circumstances, and fees will no longer be waived.


Five Days: FREE

Additional week up to 3 weeks: $10*

*Students who do not have a current registered vehicle may only obtain a temporary hangtag for one week maximum. 

Temporary ADA Parking, and Special Needs

Temporary passes for ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) parking and Special Needs-ADA designated spaces are reserved for persons with vehicles displaying the correct authorization to park there. These are designated tow-away zones for violators. This restriction is enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A violation of this policy could result in a ticket being issued as well.

Any faculty, staff, student, or University affiliate wishing to park in University-controlled ADA parking must have their vehicle registered with the Department of Public Safety Office of Parking Services. A properly designated permit must be affixed to the vehicle as required by the Vehicle Registration and Parking Policy. In addition to having a parking permit, the vehicle must display either State issued ADA parking credentials or a Temporary University issued ADA Hangtag. To obtain a University-issued ADA permit, the person who registered the vehicle must present written documentation showing the operator is entitled to be issued an ADA permit. Displaying a state ADA parking placard alone does not permit parking in a University-controlled ADA parking space.

A vehicle displaying a University ADA parking hangtag shall be parked in an ADA parking space. If there are no ADA parking spaces available, the permit will allow the driver to park in any space in lots designated as A, B, or C. There is no cost for the permit.