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Parents and Families

Family Council Members

Butler University Parent Council Members Fall 2018

The following members of the Family Council are happy to be a resource to you as fellow Butler family members. If you would like to be put in touch with a member of the Family Council, please contact the Office of New Student & Family Programs 317-940-8648.


Stephen and Katie Amato
Garrett Amato '21 

Malcolm Butler and Vikki Gaskin-Butler
Malcolm Butler '21 

Mary and Michael Cahill
Collin Cahill '22

Peter and Denise Coules
Lanie Coules '18, Madeline Coules '22 

Christy Cox
Claire Cox ’18, Carter Cox '20  

Trevor Crossen
Blake Crossen '21 

Linda Daeger
Adrian Daeger '21

Lora Denney
Emma Denney '20

Michele Dowe
Kacey Ramsey '20 

Nkechy Ekere Ezeh and Pius Ezeh
Nicole Ezeh '21  

Jill and Joe Goldstein
Jack Goldstein '20    

Darcy Guttwein
Toran Thompson '21

Lisa Harlan
Chase Harlan '21 

Michael '90 and Denise '90 Hillan
Abigail Hillan '20, Alivia Hillan '22 

Brad and Jennifer '93 Hillebrand
Nate Hillebrand '22 

Sandy and Brion Johnson 
Riley Johnson '22 

Tom Jeffers MBA '96 
Molly Jeffers '20 

Alex and Julie Kemper
Anna Kemper '22 

Lee and Bonnie Kirkpatrick
Jack Kirkpatrick '21 

Dave MBA '95 and Amy Mace 
Matthew Mace '20 

Elaine Margulis
Sarah Margulis '21 

Julia McDonald 
Grace McDonald '22 

Jacqueline Mewborn ’88
Joseph Mewborn ’17, Matt Mewborn '21 

RoShawn Modisette
Nyree Modisette '19, DaCoda Love '21 

Leila Nabors and Pam Hudson 
Fran Hudson '24 

Jennie Nicol
John Nicol '21  

Josephine and Russell Robinson
Ezekiel Robinson '22 

Kathy Ryan and Doug Zorn
Helen Zorn '21

Enrique Sahagun
Ericela Sahagun '22 

Beth Squires Stein
Matthew Brant Stein '22 

Jack and Mary Surridge
Jessie Surridge '21 

Mary Virginia and John Sweeney
James Sweeney '22 

Tracy Valinevicius
Kennedy Valinevicius ’20  

Cristina Veraza
Jorge Veraza '22 

Jacqueline and Thomas Wiggins
Joan Wiggins '22 

Lorene and Brant Wright
Amelia Wright '22 

Luke and Stella Zeheralis
Lynn Zeheralis '15, Chris Zeheralis '22