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Top 100 Most Outstanding Students

The Alumni Association in conjunction with the Office of Student Affairs conducts the Outstanding Student Recognition program. The program is in its 57th year and is continuing the tradition of honoring the top Butler junior and senior students. Visit the Top 100 website to view guidelines for the program.  

We are pleased to present the honorees for the 2017-2018 academic year. Due to a tie in scoring, more than 100 students were honored this year. All honorees will be recognized at the Outstanding Student Banquet on April 13, 2018, where the Top 15 Most Outstanding Students will be announced.  If you have any questions regarding the Top 100 Program or the Outstanding Student Banquet, please contact the Alumni Office at 800-368-6852 ext. 9946. 

2017-2018 Most Outstanding Students

Full Listing of Honorees

(In alphabetical order)

Katie Allee

Lynn Alsatie

Siena Amodeo

Deborah Arehart

Thomas Baldwin

Adam Bantz

Alex Bartlow

Leah Basford

Zach Bellavia

Bri Borri

Lauren Briskey

Amy Brown

Rachel Burke

Jeremy Caylor

Parker Chalmers

Lauren Ciulla

Brooklyn Cohen

Hannah Coleman

Dana Connor

Vickie Cook

Meredith Coughlin

Ryan Cultice

Ashley Dale

Erin Dark

Darby DeFord

Matthew Del Busto

David Dunham

Suzanne Dwyer

Shelby Eaton

Katie Edwards

Ashlyn Edwards

Sarah Elam

John Evans

Chiara Evelti

Hannah Faccio

Megan Farny

Elizabeth Fecht

Megan Fitzgerald

Annie Foster

Caitlyn Foye

Travis Freytag

Jackie Gries

Nathan Hall

Hannah Hartzell

Patrick Holden

Jonny Hollar

Kate Holtz

Nicholas Huang

Karla Jeggle

Nathan Jent

Drew Johnson

Jakob Jozwiakowski

Colton Junod

Libby Kaufman

Nida Khan

Rachel Koehler

Caroline Kuremsky

Carly Large

Emily Lawson

Rachael Lewis

Becca Lewis

Kayla Long

Nicholas Maicke

Kelsey McDougall

Kirsten McGrew

Kasey Meeks

Rachel Metz

Joshua Murdock

Kelly Murphy

Garrick Nate

Emily Nettesheim

Alexis Neyman

Olivia Nilsen

Gehrig Parker

Justin Poythress

Tori Puhl

Salman Qureshi

Courtney Raab

Jordan Rauh

Allison Reitz

Kate Richards

Sophie Robertson

Abdul Saltagi

Kaitlyn Sawin

Olivia Schwan

Abby Sikorcin

Sundeep Singh

Molly Smith

Maree Smith

Lilli Southern

Madison Stefanski

Isaiah Strong

Jennifer Sutor

Natalie Van Ochten

Alexander Waddell

Skyler Walker

Kate Warma

Riley Wildemann

Alexander Wright

Heather Wright

Jill Yager