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Jordan Hall
Institutional Research & Assessment

Butler University Fact Book

Butler University

The Butler University Fact Book is your official resource for general information about the University, students, and faculty and staff. It is prepared as soon as possible each year after the fall semester census date in order to answer questions about the University for internal and external reporting and planning purposes.


1.1 Enrollment Summary, Ten-Year Trend

1.3 First-Year Class Rank

1.4 Standardized Test Scores of Full-Time First-Years

1.5 Full-Time, First-Year Enrollment by First Major, Fall Semester

1.6 Full-Time Undergraduate Transfer Students, Fall Semester

1.7A Full-Time Undergraduate Enrollment by First Major, Fall Semester 

1.7B Full-Time Undergraduate Enrollment by Major (with Second and Third Majors), Fall Semester

1.8 Majors of Graduate Students, Fall Semester

1.10A Retention of First-Year Cohorts (Fall to Fall) 

1.12 Multicultural Student Enrollment, Full-Time

1.14 Residence of Full-Time Undergraduate by State

1.15 Full-Time Undergraduate Enrollment by College and Class, Fall Semester

1.16 International Students (Undergraduate and Graduate)

1.17 Butler Students Studying Abroad

1.18 Greek Participation, Fall Semester

1.19 Campus Residence of Full-Time Students, Fall Semester

1.20 Part-Time Undergraduate Enrollment by Major (with Second and Third Majors), Fall Semester

1.22 Full-Time Undergraduate Minor (with Second and Third Minors), Fall Semester


CDS Section I: Instructional Faculty 

Academic Data

3.1 Bachelor's Degrees Awarded by Major & College

3.2 Graduate Degrees Awarded by Major & College

3.8A Graduate Student Credit Hours, Fall Semester

Other Data

4.1 U.S. News & World Report's Midwest College Rankings