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New Student Registration
New Student Registration

Virtual Course Registration

Welcome to Butler University!

The virtual course registration process runs concurrently with the on-campus New Student Registration days beginning in late April and continues through the start of classes in August.

If you have chosen to participate in virtual course registration, your confirmation email indicates a placement exam deadline. Placement exams are taken online and must be completed before you will be contacted to set up a time for your virtual registration session. 

Once all required placement exams are completed, your advising materials will be transitioned to the college of your primary major and a representative will reach out to you via your Butler email account to schedule a time for an academic advising and virtual course registration conversation.

The action items and information provided on this page will assist you in moving forward in this process and preparing for your advising conversation.

If circumstances change and you want to attend an on-campus New Student Registration day, please contact us to schedule a date.

Action Items:

1) Become Familiar with your New Butler Accounts

Review the Admitted Student Quick Start page to set up your password and to test access to these important Butler accounts: 

Check your Butler email account regularly as it is now Butler’s primary means of communicating with you. This is the email account a department representative will use to be in touch regarding your advising conversation.

2) Complete Required Placement Exams

Students must complete any required placement exams by the deadline indicated in the confirmation email or as soon as possible. The scheduling of an academic advising conversation will proceed only after all required placement exams are complete. 

Completing the required placement exams is one of the most important tasks you need to do in preparation for advising and registration. Placement exams are intended to determine the proper course level for certain subjects. It is important that your knowledge is accurately measured so that you are not placed in a class that is either too easy or too difficult. Results are for placement purposes only, and your academic advisor will use the results to help you choose appropriate courses that fit your academic plan.

First year students: Reference your “To Do” list in your My.Butler Student Center where required exams are listed based on declared college and major.

Transfer students: You will be informed individually via email by the Office of Academic Orientation Programs about any required placement exams during the transfer process and as transfer credits are evaluated. The My.Butler "To Do List" will not list placement exams for transfer students.

Placement Exam Instructions

Placement Exam FAQs 

3) Review Information About Butler’s Required Core Curriculum

Please read this information to have a basic understanding of the Core Curriculum requirements for Butler University. You will discuss Core requirements more specifically with your advisor.

It is important to know that every first-year student will enroll in a First Year Seminar both fall and spring semesters. Global and Historical Studies courses are typically taken in the sophomore year. The Areas of Inquiry are intended to be distributed across all four years, rather than be concentrated solely in the first and second years.

Transfer students should discuss transfer credits with their advisor in order to determine which Core areas may be required.


4) Prepare For Your Advising Conversation

Students must complete any required placement exams by the deadline indicated in the confirmation email or as soon as possible. The scheduling of an academic advising conversation will proceed only after all required placement exams are complete. 


Once required placement exams are completed, your student information will be provided to the department of your primary major. A department representative or faculty advisor will reach out via the Butler email to arrange a time to have an advising conversation and begin the enrollment process. 

Advising conversation appointments are arranged individually between the department and the student only after placement exams have been completed. Please allow some time for faculty to contact you as many may not be in the office as regularly during the summer months. Please check your Butler email account regularly so you don't miss this important communication. 

The Office of Academic Orientation Programs does monitor placement exam completion but does not set up the individual advising or registration appointments. Appointments are initiated by the department of the major directly with the student.

Academic advising is an opportunity to speak one-on-one with a faculty member in the major you have declared. During this conversation, you will discuss your placement exam results, classes important to your major, the Core Curriculum, and potential electives. Together, you will craft a class schedule that balances requirements with general courses of interest. Again, a faculty member will contact you directly via your Butler email account to arrange a time to speak with you.

The following links offer advice on how to prepare for academic advising. While they are geared toward those coming to campus for a New Student Registration day, the advising information is still very applicable.  

Advising Preparation 
College and Program Information 
Recommended Courses For New Students (This resource will be available in April. Please check back to download.) 

Become familiar with the curriculum and requirements of your college and major by visiting the department’s website. Here is a full list of majors.  

5) Read and Share this Resource Guide with your Family

Learn about Butler University programs and services in this Resource Guide.

*The Resource Guide will posted in mid-April. Please check back to download.

6) Regularly Review the New Student Checklists

Checklist for First Year Students

Checklist for Transfer Students