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New Student Registration
New Student Registration

New Student Registration Dates

2019 Dates

New Student Registration days have concluded for Fall 2019 enrollment. Contact us for information about virtual course registration.


     Friday, April 19 

     Friday, April 26

     Saturday, April 27

     Friday, May 17

     Friday, June 7

     Friday, June 14* 

     Saturday, June 15*

     Friday, June 21*

     *These June dates are also available for incoming transfer students to attend.


Important Information

Beginning February 15, 2019 students for whom the enrollment deposit process is complete will receive an email with instructions for how to submit date preferences. Each New Student Registration day has limited availability based on college and major.

Students: Upon receiving the instructions, you can submit preferences for three dates you and your guests are available to attend. If you have parents or guests who may attend with you, they will be registered through this process so confirm they are also available to attend all of the date preferences selected before submitting the form. We cannot guarantee registration into your first preference and date changes may not be able to be accommodated. Therefore, be sure you and your guests have taken into account the following before submitting preferences:

  • Advanced Placement (AP) exam dates
  • School activities and celebrations, such as prom, graduation/graduation rehearsals, athletic tournaments, performances, etc.
  • Family activities and celebrations, such as weddings, vacations, camps, etc.
  • Work commitments

Soon after submitting date preferences, students will receive confirmation of their reserved New Student Registration date via email. Attached to this message will be additional information about the day, a checklist of action items, and critical placement exam deadlines.

Because we cannot guarantee registration into your first preference, please do not make travel arrangements until you have received an email confirmation with your assigned date.