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The Wind Ensemble playing music
School of Music

Events & Performances

Join the Butler University School of Music ensembles, faculty, and guests for a performance (or several!) in our top-notch performance facilities on campus. All performances are open to the public and many offer free admission. See details below.

Ensemble, Faculty, and Guest Performances

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Events will be updated throughout the year, please check back regularly

Student Recitals 2019-20

All student recitals will be at the Eidson-Duckwall Recital Hall unless otherwise noted. Recitals are free and open to the public.

Spring 2020

26 - 5:00pm  Alexander Moore, graduate conducting  (Reilly Room)
31 - 5:00pm  Pilar Athaide-Victor, violin


155:00pm  Bailey Gordon and Annie Brown, jazz voice  CANCELLED
        8:00pm  Sean Kisch, graduate composition
16 -  5:00pm  Sarah May, graduate conducting (Reilly Room)
22 -  2:00pm  Anna Yoder, cello
        8:00pm  Tom Pieciak, jazz trumpet
23 - 5:00pm  Noah Leininger, graduate conducting


 1 - 11:00am   Ntinyari Miriti, bassoon
        8:00pm   Joseph Jones, guitar
21 - 11:00am Michelle Maass, violin     CANCELED
       2:00pm   Sophie Strasheim, voice; Claudia Gruett, flute   CANCELED
       5:00pm   Sarah Doran, saxophone  CANCELED
       6:00pm   Mia Ray, composition, Tabernacle Presbyterian Church  CANCELED
       8:00pm   Adrian Daeger, voice CANCELED
22 - 2:00pm   John Plate, percussion CANCELED
       5:00pm   Ashely Walden, voice CANCELED
       8:00pm   Cheyenne Johnson; Sam Stucky, flutes  CANCELED
27 - 5:00pm  Cassandra Tosh, viola  CANCELED
       8:00pm  Carly Erst, composition CANCELED
28 - 11:00am  James Sterling, voice CANCELED
        2:00pm  Bassoon Studio Recital  CANCELED
        5:00pm  Rowan Squire-Willey, voice  CANCELED
        8:00pm  Sean Szolek-Van Valkenburgh, clarinet  CANCELED
29 2:00pm  Piano Studio Recital CANCELED
        5:00pm  Joeseph Rodriguez, tuba; Joe Weddle, trombone  CANCELED


   1 - 7:30pm  Saxophone Quartet: Than Higdon, Julian Orem, Alex Sparks, Zach Weiler  CANCELED
  4 - 11:00am Meagan Barnett, viola  CANCELED
       2:00pm  Alec Larner, percussion  CANCELED
  5 - 11:00am Nicole Felker, viola  CANCELED
       2:00pm   Nicolas Widel, piano  CANCELED
       5:00pm   Yzabel Tio, clarinet CANCELED
       8:00pm   Alex Sparks, saxophone CANCELED
 67:00pm  Melissa Johnson, graduate conducting (Reilly Room)  CANCELED
 8 7:30pm  Pilar Athaide-Victor, violin & Katie Crouse, viola  CANCELED
10 - 5:00pm  Elishua Burca, viola  CANCELED
       8:00pm  Becky Winger, trumpet  CANCELED
11 - 11:00am Megan Biner, composition  CANCELED
        2:00pm  Hunter Wheatcraft, percussion  CANCELED
12 - 5:00pm  Adriana Ruiz Garcia, bass  CANCELED
13 - 7:30pm  Riley Girton, trombone  CANCELED
17 - 5:00pm  Avery Schott, voice CANCELED
        8:00pm  Voice Studio of Dana Zenobi CANCELED
18 - 11:00am Xavier Robertson, jazz saxophone  CANCELED
       2:00pm  Andres Salerno, piano  CANCELED
       5:00pm  Julie Query, graduate voice  CANCELED
       8:00pm  Claire Porter, piano  CANCELED
19 - 11:00am Jessie Lause, composition  CANCELED
        8:00pm  Sophia Greene, oboe  CANCELED
20 - 5:00pm  Tamalynn O'Grady, cello  CANCELED
21 - 7:30pm  Horn Studio of Gail Lewis CANCELED
23 - 7:30pm  Voice Studio of Oliver Worthington  CANCELED
24 - 5:00pm  Bailey Gordon, voice  CANCELED
        8:00pm  Kimberly Kenny, voice  CANCELED
25 - 11:00am Isaac Beaumont, jazz doublebass  CANCELED
       2:00pm  Sam Jones, piano CANCELED
       5:00pm  Gabbie Pepin, voice  CANCELED
       8:00pm  Erin Gardiner, violin  CANCELED
26 - 11:00am Julian Orem, saxophone  CANCELED
       8:00pm  Rachel Spodek, voice  CANCELED
27 - 5:00pm  Robby Buetow, percussion  CANCELED
       7:30pm  Gwenyth Sell, voice  CANCELED




Directions to Campus

Coming to visit for a performance or event? Check out the University Maps & Directions page for directions to campus, parking information, and more.