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The Wind Ensemble playing music
School of Music

Events & Performances

Join the Butler University School of Music ensembles, faculty, and guests for a performance (or several!) in our top-notch performance facilities on campus. 
Livestreaming only (no audience).

Ensemble, Faculty, and Guest Performances

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Events will be updated throughout the year, please check back regularly

Student Recitals 2020-21

All student recitals will be at the Eidson-Duckwall Recital Hall unless otherwise noted. Livestreaming only (no audience).

Spring 2021





Sat.     13       5:00pm              Carmela Thiele, violin

Sun    14       5:00pm              Emily Willoughby, trumpet 

Sat      20      5:00pm              Robby Buetow, percussion

Sun    21       2:00pm              Marianne Martin, voice
                           5:00pm             Bailey Yates, violin    

Sat.     27      11:00am            Abby Witt, cello 
                            2:00pm            Adrian Daeger, voice
                           5:00pm            Rebecca Wager, violin
                           8:00pm            Camille Ringenberg, flute

Sun   28       11:00am            Antony Winfrey, voice
                           2:00pm            James Howard, saxophone
5:00pm           Annie Brown, jazz voice
                           8:00pm           Scott Kelley, jazz saxophone


Sat.      3      2:00pm         Katie Stitsworth, cello
                         8:00pm         Madeline Bowling, violin

Sat       10  2:00pm          Lauren Dornbirer, piano     
                        5:00pm          Tom Pieciak, jazz trumpet 
                        8:00pm          Nicolas Widel, piano

Sun     11    11:00am        Nicole Felker, viola
                        2:00pm          Sam Jones, piano
                        5:00pm           Claire Porter, piano

Wed   14    7:30pm            Kyle Winge, compostion    

Sat       17    11:00am         Angela Pulliam, violin
                        2:00pm          Charlea Schueler, violin     
                        5:00pm          Geoff Stemen, piano    
                        8:00pm          Ethan Veliky, jazz guitar     

Sun    18     11:00am       Caleb Crawford, piano
                        5:00pm         Erin Gardiner, violin     
                        8:00pm         Justin Heasley, percussion 

Sat      24   2:00pm         Tamalyn O'Grady, cello
                        5:00pm          Megan Strait, oboe
                        8:00pm          Amber Everling, flute

Sun    25    11:00am        Nick Gundersen, double bass
                        2:00pm         Kathryn Tuttle, violin
5:00pm          Elise Sparre, bass
                        8:00pm          Samantha Svare, bassoon

Wed   28    6:00pm         Walker Demel, piano

Mon  26   7:30pm         Bassoon Studio Recital



Mon    3   5:00pm      Joseph Rodriguez, tuba
                     8:00pm      Max Brown, trombone

Thu  27   6:00pm      Douglas Perez, piano


Directions to Campus

Coming to visit for a performance or event? Check out the University Maps & Directions page for directions to campus, parking information, and more.