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School of Music

VI. Final Recital Guidelines (Composition, Conducting, Performance, and Piano Pedagogy Degrees)

The student should register for AM 709 (performance and piano pedagogy majors), AM 710 (conducting majors), or MT 708 (composition majors) during the semester in which the final recital is presented.


Recital Hearings

Performance and piano pedagogy majors must first pass a recital hearing; a recital hearing is not required for composition or conducting recitals, or for non-degree-required recitals.

Recital Hearings Policy

Recital Hearing Form


Recital Grading Policy

All degree-required recitals (AM 709, AM 710, MT 708) must be graded by a minimum of three faculty members; grading is not required for non-degree-required recitals.

It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that the Recital Grading Form is signed by the faculty panel and turned in to the Director of Graduate Music Studies; two copies of the original recital program must be included as well.

In most areas, at least two of the three faculty members must be from the “area” (strings, woodwinds, etc.); check with your applied teacher to be sure. If the required number of faculty cannot attend the recital in person, listening to a recording of the recital by a faculty member is permissible.

Recital Grading Form


Recital Recording

All degree-required recitals (AM 709 and AM 710) must be recorded for placement in the Irwin Library; the exception is the final recital for composition majors (MT 708), which is not archived. A copy of the recital recording, together with the signed Recital Grading Form and two copies of the original recital program, must be given to the Director of Graduate Music Studies (LH 221) in order for the recital grade to be received. For performance and piano pedagogy majors, the recording format must be a CD; for conducting recitals, the format must be a DVD.


Recital Information and Checklist

Download the Recital Information and Checklist PDF for the most up-to-date information about the recital process (scheduling, programs, keys, etc.).

To sign up for a recital date, use the Formstack available at