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The Wind Ensemble playing music
School of Music

XI. Academic Policies

A. Transfer Credit

All work toward a graduate degree should be completed at Butler. However, under special circumstances and within certain limits, graduate work taken at a regionally-accredited institution may be transferred and applied toward the degree. Grades of A or B must have been received (credits carrying a grade of pass, satisfactory, or earning a grade less than a B will not be transferable) and the courses must be acceptable to the student's advisor. Subject to these restrictions, up to nine semester hours may be transferred in 30-hour programs; up to 12 hours may be transferred in 36-hour programs. Credits only, not grades, will be transferred. Course work falling outside of the time limit for the degree (see below) will not be considered. To request transfer credit, the student should file a Request for the Transfer of Graduate Credits form.

B. Grading System & Z-Credit

No course with a grade below a C is deemed to satisfy the degree requirements. (C-minus is considered unsatisfactory.) While grades below C are not counted toward the completion of degree requirements, they are counted in determining the student's grade point average. In addition, students must achieve an overall grade average of B or better in all graduate work attempted.

In no case may a student take more than 12 hours in excess of the degree requirements in order to satisfy the foregoing grade point average requirement.

Any graduate student, whether degree-seeking or non-degree-seeking, who fails to make satisfactory progress in the course work may be declared academically ineligible for additional enrollment.

Graduate students may not take courses offered as ABC grading for "pass/fail" (P/F).

The following grades are not computed in the grade point average:

W- Official withdrawal. Permitted until the 10th week of a regular 14-week semester or the fourth week of a 6-week summer session. Students should contact registration and records for withdrawal dates for short session courses. The instructor's approval is required for all withdrawals.

NC- Enrollment in a course on a non-credit basis. A student may change from credit to non-credit in a course until the 10th week of a regular semester or fourth week of the summer session. The instructor's approval is required. The non-credit grade may be changed to withdrawal by an instructor if the student does not attend class.

I-Incomplete grade. This grade may be assigned by an instructor when exceptional circumstances prevent a student's finishing all work required in a course. The "I" must be removed within the next regular session of the student's enrollment or within two years if the student is not again enrolled during that time. If the "I" is not removed within the stated time, the "I" will be changed to "X."

X-Unredeemed incomplete grade. This indicates no credit earned, no hours attempted, and no grade point average.

Graduate students may take undergraduate courses for "Z-Credit." Z-Credit courses do not fulfill graduation requirements for the MM degree; they are usually taken to remediate deficiencies or for personal fulfillment. Z-Credit courses do receive grades and appear on transcripts, however, these grades are not factored into the GPA.

C. Time Limits on Degrees

Time limits for completion of degree requirements are counted from the date of the start of the first graduate course applied toward the degree, as follows: five years for degrees requiring 30 semester hours; seven years for degrees requiring 36 semester hours and for MM degrees with a double major.

D. Transcript Requests

E. Applied Study

Except in the case of transfer students, all applied study must be done with a Butler University School of Music faculty member, including curriculum-required lessons, as well as any additional lessons that are necessary for the preparation of a degree-required recital.