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The Wind Ensemble playing music
School of Music

School of Music Graduate Handbook

I. Application and Admission

    A. Application Requirements for Degree-seeking Students
    B. Audition Requirements
    C. Acceptance
    D. Diagnostic Exams
    E. Non-Degree Graduate Students
    F. Renewed Enrollment

II. Degree Programs

III. Graduate Courses

    A. Course Offerings
    B. Course Rotation

IV. Academic Advising and Course Registration

    A. Graduate Music Advisors
    B. Online Registration
    C. Butler Course Search
    D. Butler University Bulletin

V. Thesis Guidelines

    A. Music Education and Music History degrees
    B. Composition degree

VI. Final Recital Guidelines (Composition, Conducting, Performance, and Piano Pedagogy degrees)

VII. Final Oral Comprehensive Exam

VIII. Tuition and Fees

IX. Assistantships and Waivers

X. Graduation and Commencement

XI. Academic Policies

    A. Transfer Credit
    B. Grading System and Z-credit
        i. Graduate Ensemble Participation Agreement
    C. Time Limits on Degrees
    D. Transcript Requests
    E. Applied Study

XII. Miscellaneous Policies and Information

    A. Student ID and Parking Permits
    B. Library Policies
    C. Computer Account
    D. Health and Counseling Services
    E. Housing Options
    F. Private Teaching by School of Music Students