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Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Multilingual Major

Salinas Grandes de Jujuy, Argentina

Sixty-six percent of job recruiters in the U.S. (and 90 percent elsewhere) say that multilingualism is crucial.

The Department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures offers a Multilingual undergraduate degree in which you’ll study three or more languages, as well as the countries and cultures in which those languages are spoken.

Our department faculty teach Chinese, French, German, and Spanish, and will help you develop your language skills, guiding you through scholarly investigations in topics relevant to our shared disciplines, including: linguistics, literatures, cinema, contemporary culture, and peoples from around the world.

Small classes are led by internationally-recognized and published faculty members hailing from such countries as Austria, Argentina, Belgium, China, Colombia, El Salvador, France, Italy, Senegal, Spain, and the United States.

And you can easily weave multiple study abroad trips into your program—from faculty-led summer intensives to semester-long exchange programs.

Join us and take advantage of:

  • A unique focus on three or more languages under one major (most college language majors top out at two)
  • Opportunities for you to serve in the community—utilizing all languages—in settings that include schools, medical clinics, legal non-profits, and governmental entities
  • Membership in the Consortium of Indianapolis-area colleges, allowing you to study even more languages
  • Internships in the United States and abroad, scholarships, and opportunities to present research both on- and off-campus
  • Access to a rich international community on campus, as well as outside speakers and performers
  • Use of our student Modern Language Center and its wealth of movies, technology, free tutoring, and lounge areas

Check out our course offerings.

Check out numerous Prestigious Scholarship Opportunities (scroll down to "language study") and study abroad grants.

Have questions? Please contact Professor of Spanish, Dr. Terri Carney.

Requirements for the Multilingual Major

Download the Multilingual Major packet.

You must complete an individual Modern Languages major (Chinese, French, German, or Spanish), plus at least six more eligible courses across a minimum of two additional languages.

Have questions? Please contact Professor of Spanish, Dr. Terri Carney.


Pre-professional experiences—both in the U.S. and abroad—are vital for résumés and applications. From a liberal arts perspective, experiential education offers time for self assessment and reflection.

Local internships have included the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office, the Christian Neighborhood Legal Clinic, Salesforce, and Indianapolis Public Schools.

Steps to Pursue a Language Internship

  1. Find an internship. Helpful resources: and
  2. Consult with a full-time MLLC faculty member on the internship and how many credits it might be worth; ask them to be your instructor (typically, per credit hour, a student spends a combined 42 hours on site and doing reflection work)
  3. Apply for the internship
  4. While awaiting a decision on your application, draft a syllabus (with your instructor), attaching a completed LAS academic internship contract
  5. Submit the syllabus, contract, and a blue registration card (from our administrative specialist) to the MLLC department chair for their approval and signature
  6. If accepted into the internship, complete the University student internship agreement form (with signatures from both your instructor and on-site supervisor) and turn it into our administrative specialist
  7. Then, obtain any remaining needed signatures on your blue registration card and take it to the registrar’s office (Jordan Hall 133); note: it may take up to two weeks for the internship course to appear in my.butler and Moodle
More Info from Butler's Internship and Career Services

Badge for Butler's Internship and Career Services

Please visit and click “Internship and Job Search Resources” in the main body for the following:

  • internship databases
  • a professional guide to success
  • job data
  • a calendar of networking events
More Info from Ascend Indiana

Logo for Ascend IndianaButler has partnered with Ascend to help you find internships and jobs:

  1. visit and introduce yourself
  2. receive an invite for a 1:1 meeting with Ascend when the right opportunities are available
  3. choose a time to discuss your career interests and passions with Ascend
  4. explore their network and connect with top Indiana employers

Declaring a Major

How You Declare

To make a program change (i.e., adding/dropping majors and minors), you simply need to complete a “Program Change” paper form.

You can obtain one in any of the dean’s offices or Butler’s Learning Resource Center (LRC, Jordan Hall 136).

Why You Should

Many students choose a Modern Languages major or minor to augment other academic programs.

Employers, schools, and service organizations value the strong communication, reasoning, and collaboration skills cultivated by studying languages and other cultures.

Recent graduates often combined one or more languages with Anthropology, Arts AdministrationBiology, Business, Chemistry, Education, History, International Studies, Media Production, Pharmacy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and the Performing Arts.

Obtaining a Secondary Advisor

If your primary major lies outside of Modern Languages, you should seek an informal advisor in Modern Languages to help ensure that you're satisfying MLLC program requirements.

Your MLLC advisor will also help you find a selection of language courses that complements the work being done in other majors/minors, as well as help you prepare for study abroad programs.

Requesting a language advisor can be done by contacting the MLLC administrative specialist or MLLC department chair.

Transferring In Another University's Credits While a Student at Butler

For outside credits to transfer into Butler, you must see the appropriate faculty member to obtain Butler course equivalencies (if any).

As soon as possible, please bring this faculty member a syllabus and/or description for each course you have/will have completed, along with the appropriate transfer credit request (if the institution is within the U.S.) or study abroad approval (if the institution is outside the U.S.) form. If you're not certain how to enroll at the other institution, the registrar's office can help you.

All courses must be completed with a "C-" or better.

Special Notes
  1. Please leave the transfer form's Butler equivalency spaces blank.
  2. If the syllabus is written in a language that we do not offer at Butler, please obtain a translation of as much of it as possible.
  3. If you have not already completed a Butler course in the language, you may need to establish your placement level at the other institution. Please contact their appropriate language department about this process.
  4. Only one, approved language course from another institution may be completed online.

Ribbon with Diagonal Gray Stripes

Ribbon with Diagonal Gray Stripes

Learn a Language With Us. Take On the World.

Study at Butler and you'll broaden your global perspectives, traveling abroad for immersive language and cultural studies, and engaging with active polylingual and multicultural communities here in Indianapolis.

Modern Languages Flickr AccountCheck out pictures documenting students' adventures in our department’s Flickr account.

Have pictures of your own?

Each year our student Modern Language Center (MLC) collects submissions for a photo contest, for which winning entries get framed and displayed in the MLC, and small gifts are awarded to the photos’ owners.

Each year’s entries are typically due by April. More information can be found on the MLC's webpage.

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Liberal Arts Core Values

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Mission StatementWe are proud to be part of Butler's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS), working every day to infuse your education with the best the Humanities have to offer.

The College's faculty have put into writing how we intend to do so.

Read our LAS Core Values in English.

Read our LAS Core Values in Chinese, French, German, or Spanish.

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Contact our MLLC faculty members anytime.