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Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Language Requirement

Trip the Bulldog Riding a SkateboardLinguistic and cultural adventures await those who learn languages. Are you ready?

All undergraduates in Butler’s College of Communication and College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, as well as International Business majors, are required to show proficiency in a language other than English.

For the language requirement in the College of Communications, please visit their website 

International Business has articulated its language requirement. Please visit their website.

Students with a major in Butler's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences must complete 2 courses at the 200-level or above

  • in the same language
  • with a passing grade (D- or better)
  • each course must be worth 3 or more credits at Butler


Butler Course Sequences

In order to complete the LAS language requirement, first determine your placement.

Then, proceed along the appropriate path:

  • Begin in 101: Complete 101, 102, 203, and 204
  • Begin in 102: Complete 102, 203, and 204
  • Begin in 203: Complete 203 and 204
  • Begin in 204: Complete 204 and 300-level Skills
  • Begin in 300-level Skills (MLLC): Complete 300-level Skills and another 300-level course

All courses must be completed with a "D-" or better (unless you're attempting to transfer in "dual enrollment credits," in which case "C-" or better).

If at any point you feel your placement is incorrect, please meet with the department chair or your professor.

Course Substitutions and Requirement Waiver

Course Substitutions

If you have a documented disability and wish to request course substitutions for the language requirement, please read the "Specific Guidelines: Foreign Language Substitution" section on the course substitution webpage.

(This process involves obtaining forms from the office of Student Disability Services and working with the Modern Languages department chair to complete them.)

Requirement Waiver

If you completed secondary schooling outside of the United States in another language, you may wish request a waiver for the foreign language requirement. Please meet with the Modern Languages department chair to discuss your situation. They will recommend a course of action to the dean's office of your primary major.

(No form is needed.)

If You're Pursuing a Second Baccalaureate Degree

Although the Core curriculum requirements are waived for those students pursuing a second baccalaureate degree, the foreign language requirement must still be fulfilled.

Info on second baccalaureate degrees can be found on the following Butler Bulletin webpages: