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Lacy School of Business
The Butler MBA Program

Corporate MBA

Professory Lad interacting with Butler MBA students

Invest in Your Employees

Take the next step in cultivating your workforce by investing in Butler’s Corporate MBA program. Through our Corporate MBA, you can give your employees customized coursework and convenient access to a top MBA program. Your employees will have access to all of Butler’s standard MBA offerings such as leadership coaches, experiential application of course material, and world-class faculty—all held at your site. Meanwhile, you will develop your talent and increase employee retention.

Customized Coursework

After your employees complete a core curriculum, classes are targeted specifically toward fulfilling your company’s needs. We embed industry- and company-specific knowledge to create a unique program, letting you create a tailored set of electives for your employees.

Convenient Education

Our Corporate MBA was designed to make education convenient. We take our classes and faculty to the location that works best for you and your employees, including your own office. Your employees get the benefit and reputation of a Butler MBA without leaving the building.