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MBA Admitted Students

Business Foundations Courses

Before beginning 500-level MBA coursework, all new MBA students must first demonstrate proficiency in six competency areas through the prerequisite Business Foundations Courses. These courses are offered through Butler Executive Education and successful completion is required of all incoming Butler MBA students. The passing threshold for Foundations course exams is 80 percent. Business Foundations Courses are designed to prepare you for these examinations.

The Business Foundations Courses include:

  • MPRIM410: Foundations in Organizational Behavior
  • MPRIM420: Foundations in Financial and Managerial Accounting
  • MPRIM425: Foundations in Economics
  • MPRIM430: Foundations in Finance
  • MPRIM435: Foundations in Marketing
  • M440*: Foundations in Statistical Analysis

The cost of the Business Foundations Courses is either $350 per course, if purchased individudally, or the MPRIM410-435 primers can all be purchased as a bundle for $990.

Students cannot register for any Graduate Core courses until the MPRIM410, MPRIM420, MPRIM425, MPRIM430, and MPRIM435 prerequisites have been completed and an exam score of 80 percent or better has been achieved. This requirement ensures that students have tbe tools to handle the applied/integrative nature of the Graduate Core courses. 

Students may register for MBA505, MBA510 and/or MBA515 without having completed MPRIM440/M440.

*Once admitted to the MBA Program, applicants will receive an email indicating the mode for which to complete the statistics prerequisite.  The admission committee will determine if the student is required to complete the face-to-face M440 course, or if an online alternative option is available.  Pricing for the statistics prerequisite is dependent upon the which offering is completed

Time Limits

After registering for the first Business Foundations Course, students have 365 days to complete all six courses. Failure to complete all required courses in 365 days may result in having to re-register for all courses again at the rate of $350 per course. 

Course Waivers

Four of the six competency areas may be automatically waived at the MBA Admission Committee’s discretion, based on undergraduate coursework (applicants must have graduated in the past five years). Course waivers will be communicated with admitted students in the Path to Graduation email, sent soon after the official offer of admission. 

If an automatic waiver is not granted, the student is required to demonstrate proficiency by passing a competency exam tied to each Business Foundations Course. The passing threshold for competency area exams is 80 percent. If you have questions about waivers, please email

Course Waiver Policies: 

  • MPRIM410, MPRIM420, MPRIM430, and MPRIM435: A grade of B or better must be achieved in a comparable undergraduate course to waive these competency areas; B- and below will not be considered for a waiver. Undergraduate degree must have been completed within the past five years if coursework is to serve as basis for waivers. If the course was not taken as part of an undergraduate degree program, it must have been completed within the past 5 years.  The MBA Admission Committee will determine on an individual basis if undergraduate courses satisfy the requirements of the competency areas. 
  • MPRIM425 and MPRIM440: These two competency areas are not waived on the basis of undergraduate coursework or work experience. All MBA students must complete these two prerequisites.

How to Register

Students will receive instructions and a link to register for Business Foundations Courses in the Path to Graduation email, sent soon after being admitted. MBA students should not register through the Butler Executive Education application.

Foundations in Business Certificate

Students may elect to complete all six courses to earn a Foundations in Business Certificate through Butler Executive Education. If an individual is waived from one or more Business Foundations Courses, but would like to obtain the Foundations in Business Certificate, they must take all six courses. Waivers will not be counted towards the certificate’s completion. 

LSB Undergraduate Equivalent Courses

In the rare instance that an incoming MBA student takes a Lacy School of Business undergraduate course in place of a prerequisite Business Foundations Course, a grade of C- or higher is required for the class to count in place of completing the primer module and competency exam. These undergrad equivalent courses include: MG360, AC203, AC204, EC231, EC232, FN340, MK380, and/or MS264.