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Math and Actuarial Science Background
Mathematics & Actuarial Science

Mathematics & Actuarial Science Department News & Events

Recent Departmental Research

Congratulations to the following professors who have recently published their works:

Bill Johnston has a new textbook published by MAAPRESS. The title is The Lebesgue Integral for Undergraduates. Find out more here.

Scott Kaschner has a paper published in the International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos, July 2015. The title is Geometric Limits of Julia Sets of Maps z^n + exp(2πiθ) as n → ∞.

Description: Reaper Romero, David Simmons, and I studied the dynamical behavior of a simple class of functions. Associated to each function is a set of points whose behavior under repeated application of the function is chaotic. We identified and classified patterns in the behavior of these chaotic sets as the degree of the function increases without bound. This extends the work of Suzanne Hruska-Boyd and Michael Schulz to a broader class of functions.

Abstract: We show that the geometric limit as n → ∞ of the Julia sets J(Pn,c) for the maps Pn,c(z) = zn + c does not exist for almost every c on the unit circle. Furthermore, we show that there is always a subsequence along which the limit does exist and equals the unit circle. 

Find out more here.

Butler Mathematics Research Camp (MRC)

A focused research experience for mathematics majors

Felder & Wahl Howard & Hoover Dr. Akinbo, Dr. Sorenson, Dr. Webster, Taylor Pieper
Chris Felder and Dr. Wahl Dean Howard with Joe Hoover Dr. Akinbo, Dr. Sorenson, Dr. Webster, Taylor Pieper

Mathematics Research Camp was held August 10-17, 2015. The camp provided current freshman through senior majors a first research experience in mathematics. Prior research experience was not required. 

Congratulations to our Mathematics Research Camp participants for their outstanding work!

Priyanka Prasad worked with Dr. Russell.
Chris Felder worked with Dr. Wahl.
Joe Hoover worked with Dr. Sharma.
Jesse Allen worrked with Dr. Johnston.
Alex Olivero worked with Dr. Johnston.
Katie Kochert worked with Dr. Jayasekare.
Katie Lee worked with Dr. Wilson.

MAA Bowling Event

Dr. Jayasekare with Rachel Wraley, Kris Hill, Lauren Baurle Faculty, staff, and students
Dr. Jayasekare with 
Rachel Wraley, Kris Hill, Lauren Baurle

Faculty, staff, and students 

The MAA and Actuarial Science clubs invite department faculty to join our majors for a fun afternoon of bowling on Friday, October 30th. The event will be held at Woodland Bowl at 96th and Keystone Avenue.

The Department Fall Picnic 2015

The department hosted the annual student/faculty picnic for all mathematics and actuarial science majors at Professor Duane Leatherman's residence in Resco "D" Unit.

Celebration of the Mind in honor of Martin Gardner's 101st birthday

The celebration of Martin Gardner's 101st birthday (born October 21, 1914) took place on October 20, 2015 in Jordan Hall 278 during Professor Jeremiah Farrell's History of Mathematics course. A special cake commemorating the birthday was provided with various mathematical oddities presented.