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Butler Magazine Spring 2017
Butler Magazine

Web Stories Spring '17


CUE's Mobile Greenhouse

By Marc D. Allan

Butler University’s Center for Urban Ecology Farm is the new home of the first fully automated, mobile greenhouse.

Butler Business Consulting Group

No Literary Grandma Moses

By Marc D. Allan

Butler University News Manager Marc D. Allan plans on having an interesting last quarter of his life.

Butler Summer Institute

Butler Summer Institute—Celebrating 25 Years

By Sharon Alseth '91

No classes, no employment, no interruptions—only research. That’s just the way they want it, the 30 students who are chosen to immerse themselves in the Butler Summer Institute (BSI), celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

Chemistry options

Butler's Researchers Tackle TB

By Cindy Conover Dashnaw

Most of us get a TB test some time in our lives, and we go on our merry way, assuming it will be negative. We don’t know how lucky we are.

BSHS and Business

Butler's Healthcare and Business Major

By Amy Peak '97

Innovative programs continue to be developed and implemented all over campus. The novel undergraduate Healthcare and Business (HCB) major, a unique partnership between the Lacy School of Business and the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, is a perfect example. 

Magazine Spring 2017 Linklater Voice Callout

The Linklater Voice

By Krisy Force

Theatre is an art where the human being is the medium the art is created with, and the art form is about bringing a human being to life. In order to achieve a great play, actors must learn and train in the actor’s quartet: voice, body, mind, and heart. 

Magazine Spring 2017 Science of Movement Ballerina Callout

The Science of Movement

By Kailey Eaton '17

How do dancers move the way they do? There’s actually a science behind every spin.

Magazine Spring 2017 STRI Callout

Student Research–Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

By Krisy Force

Every other year Butler University students, primarily those in the biological sciences, apply to take a two-week course in Panama allowing them the opportunity to work with world renowned researchers and scientists at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI). 

Efroymson House

Writing for Wellness

By Marc D. Allan

The Writing for Wellness Program confirms that program participants seem happier when they are getting the chance to express themselves.

Magazine Spring 2017 Megan Yates JDRF Gala Callout

From Intern to Mentor

By Megan Yates '16

Megan Yates ’16 always knew she wanted to work for a nonprofit—and her Butler internship gave her just the right hands-on experience to make that happen.

Chemistry graduates

Butler Alumna Makes Science Fun

By Krisy Force

Julie Boyk '10 says she is the teacher she is today because of hands-on experience and learning at Butler.

Student Blogs: Hands-on and Heartfelt

Read about students and their experiences outside of the classroom.