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Butler Magazine: Summer 2015

The Issue of Innovation

Great teaching and an innovative spirit will be necessary to ensure the relevance of great universities. The “blue-sky thinking” showcased by the summer issue of Butler Magazine includes stories on student-faculty research, cutting-edge community service programs, start-up mentality business successes, and much more.

“Butler has built-in opportunities to experience the world through other people. That’s a gift,” said Kate Drane ’03, Senior Director of Chicago Outreach for Indiegogo, the world’s largest crowd-sourcing site. “It’s the kind of thing that builds you into a stronger, more well-rounded person and, ultimately, develops empathy, which is the most valuable skill you can build.”

People, Places, and Events

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Celebrating Valuable Service

Milestone Dinner

Innovative Stories—Extraordinary Outcomes

Indiana Landmarks

Worth all the Effort - Marsh Davis ’80

By Marc Allan

Indiana Landmarks President Marsh Davis ’80 relished the opportunity he had in April to give the organization’s Cook Cup for Outstanding Restoration to Butler University to recognize the preservation of Hinkle Fieldhouse.

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A Prescription for Making History

By Cindy Conover Dashnaw

Butler University will be the site of the country’s first journal of undergraduate healthcare research that’s run entirely by students...

Alex White

Chemotherapy & Probiotics: Research Making a Difference

By Mary Ellen Stephenson

While effectively knocking out many types of cancer, chemotherapy also attacks the body’s immune system, including beneficial microorganisms in the gastrointestinal tract. This leaves patients at high risk for infection, prolonged hospital stays, even death...

Emily Farrer

Music May Be Just The Right Medicine

By Mary Ellen Stephenson

Junior Emily Farrer of Lexington, Kentucky, worked with professors from her two majors—music, Tim Brimmer, and psychology, Tara Lineweaver—to explore whether hearing songs that were popular during individuals’ late teens and early 20s would reopen social connections for elderly persons with dementia...

New Residence Hall

Campus News Extras

Check out the complete coverage of the 2014–2015 Academic Year in Review...

Butler Early Language and Literacy Program—Building Children’s Language Skills 

By Sarvary Koller ’15 

When Suzanne Reading discovered that the Garden House in Holcomb Gardens was unused and relatively abandoned, she knew she had found her diamond in the rough—a place to teach young children struggling with language delay... 

Panos Linos

Blindfolded for Empathy

By Cindy Conover Dashnaw

I interviewed Panos Linos, PhD, to learn more about a project funded by Butler’s Innovation Fund that promised to change the lives of students at the Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired. His team of Butler students were developing a mobile app to give students with low or no vision the freedom to learn how to navigate their school’s buildings and grounds more quickly and without special instructors...