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Butler Magazine Spring 2017

Butler Magazine

Spring 2017

A Flexible Foundation––Science Education The Butler Way

Butler students learn how to observe; how to experiment; how to find and absorb new research; how to collaborate both within and beyond their disciplines to create and apply new knowledge.

–Stuart Glennan, Harry T Ice Professor of Philosophy and Associate Dean, Liberal Arts and Sciences

Butler University Scholarship Celebration

Day of Giving Combined

Scientific Thought Practitioners

Magazine Spring 2017 Flexible Foundation Callout

A Flexible Foundation

By Stuart Glennan, Liberal Arts and Sciences Associate Dean

The flexible foundation Butler students get supports both scientific exploration and technological innovation and beyond. 

Magazine Spring 2017 Reflective Practitioner Callout

The Reflective Practitioner

By Marc D. Allan

College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Dean Robert Soltis '87 shares his vision for the college with a commitment to integrating the liberal arts with professional preparation to create graduates who think deeply about their professional responsibilities and their patients. 

Magazine Spring 2017 Hala Fadda Callout

Faculty Focus: Hala Fadda

By Krisy Force

Practice what you teach–enriching collaboration leads to better patient care and well-prepared students. 

Magazine Spring 2017 Jen Kowalski Callout

Faculty Focus: Jen Kowalski

By Megan Ward MS '13

Kowalski and Butler students dive deep into research to study and understand how neuron communication is regulated. 

Magazine Spring 2017 Tara Lineweaver Callout

Faculty Focus: Tara Lineweaver

By Krisy Force

Once a Bulldog, Always a Bulldog: Psychology Professor finds her passion and pursues it at Butler. 

Magazine Spring 2017 Jeremy Johnson Callout

Faculty Focus: Jeremy Johnson

By Cindy Conover Dashnaw

The Hershel B. Whitney Professor in Biochemistry, Jeremy Johnson is a lifelong enthusiast for research and has helped reshape Butler. 

Magazine Spring 2017 Marissa Byers Callout

It's In Her Nature

By Marc D. Allan

Science, technology, and environmental studies is reflecting how the world is–and Marissa Byers '18 is the first Butler student to officially major in Environmental Studies. 

Magazine Spring 2017 Audrey Bonn Callout

Preparing Students for the Future

By Kailey Eaton '17

Butler graduate Audrey Bonn '16 pushes her Science, Technology, and Society degree to its fullest every day. 

Magazine Spring 2017 Lacrosse Callout

Butler Adds Women's Lacrosse

By Katie Goodrich '17

Butler Lacrosse Head Coach Cecil Pilson shares the excitement around starting a Division I program–especially in the BIG EAST

Magazine Spring 2017 Haley Hallenbeck Callout

Athlete Profile: Haley Hallenbeck '18

By Jimmy Lafakis '19

Hallenbeck fell in love with lacrosse in seventh grade. Once she stepped foot on the turf, she never looked back. 

Magazine Spring 2017 Mason Dragos Callout

Athlete Profile: Mason Dragos '19

By Jimmy Lafakis '19

Dragos came to Butler as a state champion, thrives on competition, and his work ethic drives him to succeed. 

Magazine Spring 2017 Men's Soccer Honors Callout

Men's Soccer Honors Follow BIG EAST Championship

By Rachel Stotts

Magazine Spring 2017 Conversation Transformed Aphasia Callout

Conversation Transformed

By Hayley Ross '17

Butler's College of Communications Sciences and Disorders undergraduates work as a support group for those suffering from aphasia through the Butler Aphasia Community–true hands-on experience. 

Magazine Spring 2017 URC Callout

Ideas that Take Flight

By Sharon Alseth '91

Nearly 30 years in the making, Butler's Undergraduate Research Program is widely recognized as one of the nation's best. 

Magazine Spring 2017 Brain Project Callout

One Butler: The Brain Project

By Contributing Writer Catherine Pangan MS '99–Butler College of Education Professor

What do you get when you combine leaders in the neuroscience field from around Indianapolis, an engaged community, and a spirit of integrated learning? You guessed it–One Butler: The Brain Project

Magazine Spring 2017 Suits or Sails Keiffer Callout

Suits or Sails?

By Cindy Conover Dashnaw

Wet or dry shoes? Shorts or a sport coat? Sunshine or fluorescent lights? Mosquitos or...well, fewer mosquitos? Butler internship offer just about any option. 

Magazine Spring 2017 Lynne Zydowski Alumni Callout

Elements Financial Alumni Profile: Lynne Zydowski '81

By Patricia Snyder Pickett '82, APR

Zydowski's pharmacy and chemistry background combined with a strong entrepreneurial work ethic creates a successful career in life science business.

Magazine Spring 2017 Michael Hole Alumni Callout

Elements Financial Alumni Profile: Michael Hole

By Monica Holb '09

"The Butler Way, if you will, supported me to take on leadership positions and to start organizations aimed at those social injustices." 

Magazine Spring 2017 John Doyle Alumni Profile Callout

Elements Financial Alumni Profile: John Doyle '74

By Monica Holb '09

"Transformation is a never-ending journey." Doyle may have been referencing the continuing changes of the healthcare industry; he may have been talking about his own career. 

Magazine Spring 2017 Joel Cornette Jersey Callout

Scholarship: The Joel Cornette Scholarship Fund

By Patricia Snyder Pickett '82, APR

Cornette '03 embodies The Butler Way both during his time at Butler University and his post-graduate years. A scholarship in his honor was established by his family and Butler to provide support for future Bulldogs.