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Butler Athlete Profile: Danny Pobereyko ’17

By Zach Horrall ’19

Danny Pobereyko, a right-handed pitcher from Munster, Indiana, has always been an athlete. Although he played in high school, he jokes that the reason he chose to play baseball in college is because he wasn’t good enough at basketball.

After playing in 10 games his freshman year, he more than doubled his appearances in his sophomore season. In doing so, he led his team in saves with five.

His baseball results have not come with a lack of effort. The schedule for collegiate baseball is very strenuous. Summer is the only season the team takes off, and even then a lot of players play baseball for travel teams.

In the fall, the baseball team spends 45 days working out and practicing on the diamond. Each day, the team practices for two to three hours. When the season rolls around in the spring, the team begins to travel. The majority of their games take place on the weekends and the amount of school they miss is minimal.

Pobereyko enjoys the rigorous nature of training. He loves the sport and wouldn’t change a thing. He would rather practice baseball than do anything else.

Now in his junior year, Pobereyko recently decided to change his major to Creative Writing. Though he hopes to play baseball professionally after graduation, he sees a career in writing in his future as well.

But he doesn’t like to look too far ahead; nor does he dwell on the past. “Personally, I find it hard to make goals,” he said. “I don’t think ahead to further games. To me, it’s one pitch at a time.”