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Irwin Lobby
Butler University Libraries

Information for Visitors

Welcome to Butler University Libraries! 

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are not encouraging open public use of Irwin Library. 

The guidance below is no longer currently in effect, due to university guidelines. Researchers not affiliated with Butler who wish to consult items in the Special Collections, Rare Books & University Archives department should contact their staff regarding appointments using communication options on their page.

Visiting the Libraries

Please view the following resources to assist in planning your visit:

You are welcome to browse the collection and use our open spaces. 

  • We cannot reserve individual spaces for non-Butler students, faculty, or staff. If you wish to reserve group space, you will need to contact the Office of University Events.
  • If you would like to view materials from Special Collections, Rare Books & University Archives, please follow their Service Guidelines.
  • If you wish to coordinate a group visit to the Libraries, please contact Sally Neal ( in advance.
  • A Code of Conduct policy for the Libraries can be found here.

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Information Commons desk.

Using the Collections

Physical Collections

You are welcome to browse through the collections within Irwin or Science Library. You also will be able to make scans (free of charge) or copies (minimal fee). 

In order to take items from the collection from the building, a library account must be created. Learn more about borrowing policies for visitors and alumni.

Online Collections

You can access our online collections while at the Libraries. You can bring your own device and use guest wifi, or you can ask at the Information Commons desk to be logged into a computer in the lab. You will be able to view, save to a USB or cloud drive, or email items; you will not be able to print. You will not be able to access online collections remotely, even if you have set up a library account for borrowing. 

A number of our online collections can be accessed from anywhere without a Butler login, such as our Digital Image Collections (including Butler Yearbooks and Collegian Archives) and Digital Commons

Using Computers

  • Visitors to Irwin Library may ask for a guest login at the Information Commons Desk in Irwin Library or at the Service Desk of the Science Library. Please note that during busy times, members of the Butler community will receive preferential access to all library workstations. Visitors who are not Butler alumni or students of a PALNI or ALI school may be limited to one hour of computer use. Abuse of computer privileges or disturbing other library patrons will result in denial of future services.
  • Butler's guest wifi is available for visitors to access using their own devices.
  • Children under 18 will not be logged onto a computer unless accompanied by an adult.