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Center for Academic Success and Exploration

Tutor-Tutee Rights and Responsibilities

Below are the rights and responsibilities of the tutor and the tutee. Each party is responsible for adhering to these responsibilities. If a tutor or a tutee does not adhere to these, the Learning Resource Center reserves the right to discontinue tutoring. If, at any time, a tutor or tutee feels that his or her rights are not being recognized, he or she should report the incident to a staff member of the Learning Resource Center.

Tutor Rights

A peer tutor has the right to:

  • A comprehensive training program
  • Punctuality of the student learner
  • 24-hour notice if a student learner must cancel or reschedule an appointment
  • Additional training materials
  • A job performance review in order to evaluate progress
  • Equal treatment by employer
  • Decline a student learner assistance if previous contact has been harmful in a personal or professional manner 
  • Advance knowledge of mandatory meetings or scheduling conflicts
  • An "open-door" policy to meet with a supervisor if there are any concerns or questions

Student Learner Rights

A student learner has the right to:

  • A punctual, prepared peer tutor
  • 24-hour notice if a peer tutor must cancel or reschedule an appointment
  • Confidentiality from all individuals employed by the Learning Resource Center
  • Timely contact from the Learning Resource Center and peer tutors
  • Exploration of all avenues necessary for academic success
  • A comfortable tutoring environment
  • A change in peer tutors if necessary
  • An “open-door” policy to approach a supervisor if there are any concerns or questions