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Placement Exams

Why Placement Exams?

Placement exams are intended to determine the proper course level for certain subjects. It is important that your knowledge is accurately measured so that you are not placed in a class that is either too easy or too difficult. Results are for placement purposes only, and your academic advisor will use the results to help you choose appropriate courses that fit your academic plan.

While it is not necessary to study for the placement exams -- and you are advised not to "cram" for them -- it may be beneficial for you to review those subjects that you have not studied for several months. The placement exams are intended only to measure what you know or do not know.

Frequently Asked Questions and Special Information

The following information will help you understand the placement process at Butler University.  Please familiarize yourself with this important information prior to taking any placement exam.


What placement exams should I take if I am unsure about my major or career path?

Butler University placement exams may be required depending on your course of study and/or transferred credits.  If your major or minor curriculum does not have a specific requirement (e.g., foreign language) but you have an interest in continuing your study of a language, it is recommended that you take the placement exam.  For certain career interests, it may also be prudent to take additional exams which may not be required for your major.  As an example, if you are considering a career in health sciences (e.g., medicine or dentistry) but are not majoring in the sciences, you should complete the chemistry placement exam.

How do I find out my placement exam results?

Placement results are not made available to incoming students prior to New Student Registration.  Your advisor will be made aware of your results and utilize them for course selection at registration.  For continuing students, you can find your scores on your My.Butler account.

What services are offered if I have a documented disability?

In order to be eligible for an accommodation such as extended time on the placement exams, please contact Student Disability Services at (317) 940-9308 or at  Documentation of your disability must be received by Student Disability Services at least one week prior to completing the exams for accommodations to be made.

Information for Incoming First-Year Students

As an incoming first-year student, you may have several exams to complete prior to your New Student Registration session or phone advising session.  Please reference the following troubleshooting chart for any issues that may arise.

Issue Action Steps for Resolution
I forgot my password.

Go to to reset your password.  If you still have difficulty, call (317) 940-8298 and select Option 1.

I cannot see or hear all of the exam questions. If you are using one of the required browsers (Firefox or Chrome) and still cannot see or hear all of the exam questions, call (317) 940-8298 and select Option 1.
I took too long and the exam has timed out. As you take your exam, be conscious of the time clock on the left-hand side in the Quiz Navigation block.  Submit your exam before your time is finished.  If you do time out of your exam, call (317) 940-8298 and select Option 2.
I have a question about New Student Registration. Call (317) 940-8298 and select Option 3.

*Note that the placement exam assistance phone line is only answered during regular business hours (Monday - Friday), 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Messages will be returned the following business day.   


Information for Transfer Students

Butler University placement exams may be required depending on your course of study and transferred credits.  You will be notified by the Learning Resource Center as to which placement exams you are required to complete.  Please see Taking the Placement Exams section for further detail. Click here for detailed information on the transfer process.

Information for Current Butler Students

Currently enrolled Butler students who need to take a foreign language placement exam should visit the Department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures website.  For access to all other placement exams, please contact the Learning Resource Center at (317) 940-9380 or via e-mail at

Taking the Placement Exams

See detailed information on taking placement exams.

Academic Integrity and Placement Exams

Academic integrity is vital when completing placement exams for Butler University. Prior to each exam, students will be asked to certify and adhere to the following:

By submitting my answers to this exam at Butler University, I certify that I have not obtained any exam materials, have no prior knowledge of the exam questions or answers, and have not and will not accept any solicitation for the exam questions or answers from anyone at any time before or after the exam. Furthermore, I understand that any violation, falsification, or misrepresentation may result in the University's decision that I am not eligible for admission, or if I enroll, its decision to dismiss me, regardless of the date of discovery, is at the sole discretion of Butler University.