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Center for Academic Success and Exploration

Advising at Butler University

AdvisingAcademic advising is not just about scheduling classes. It is an educational process in which the student and advisor are partners in meeting established learning outcomes, working toward academic success, and outlining steps for achieving the student's personal, academic, and career goals. At Butler, academic advising provides students with the opportunity to build a collaborative relationship with the advisor for the following purposes:

  • To gain assistance in planning the student's educational career
  • To learn the skills needed for academic success
  • To learn how to access the variety of campus resources and available services

At Butler, academic advising is a critical component of the teaching-learning relationship. Students with declared majors are advised by Butler faculty in their disciplinary area of concentration. Exploratory students meet with academic advisors in the Center for Academic Success and Exploration. Advisors take time to get to know the student by becoming aware of the student's interests as well as personal, academic, and career goals, and helping the student develop a plan to achieve those goals.

Advising for New Students

Each spring, Butler University welcomes its newest class of admitted students during a period called New Student Registration. This program is an opportunity for students and their families to visit the Butler University campus, learn more about the resources available, and for students to register for first semester classes. During New Student Registration, students meet with an academic advisor who will enroll them in classes for the fall semester. We encourage students to prepare for this advising conversation by becoming familiar with the courses required for their desired major and the Core Curriculum.

Incoming students who are admitted for the spring semester at Butler University will typically be contacted via phone to complete course registration with an academic advisor, and will be invited to participate in a January Orientation program before spring semester classes begin.

Advising for Continuing Students

Continuing students work in collaboration with their academic advisors throughout their academic career at Butler University. Advisors take time to get to know the student including becoming aware of the student's interests, goals, and helping to develop a plan to achieve those goals. It is important that the student informs the advisor of any specific interests or goals, such as pre-professional interests, or desire to study abroad. Sharing this information assists the advisor in helping the student map their course progression and satisfy academic requirements in a timely manner.

Students are encouraged to meet early and often with their advisor to develop this partnership. During the twice yearly advising periods, students must meet with their advisors in order to be eligible to register for classes. While the advisor is a partner in helping the student plan their academic career and educational opportunities, it is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they are progressing through their degree program.

Beyond the information that academic advisors provide as part of the advising relationship, students can find helpful tools to assist with advising in the Student Center, including the Academic Requirements (Advisement Report) and the “What-if Report” will allow you to see the effect that changing your major would make in your progress towards satisfying different degree requirements. In addition, students can view their Class Schedule (Study List), Transfer Credits, Test Scores, unofficial Transcript, and the BU Cultural Requirements through their Student Center. You can learn more about the information found in your Student Center by visiting My.Butler Student Help. For information about advising and registration, please consult Registration and Records.