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LAS Background
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

LAS BOV Member Expectations

To help ensure the long-term success of the Butler University College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, a Board of Visitors (BOV) was created to advocate for the College and to support its needs.  In order to carry out these duties successfully, members of the BOV are expected to contribute in several meaningful ways through this special opportunity to help advance the College's vision and objectives.  A list of expectations for members of the BOV is provided below. 

Responsibilities of the Board of Visitors (BOV) Members include:

  1. Serving a full 3-year term as a member of the BOV.
  2. Making a minimum personal financial contribution of $2000 per year to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences each year.  (Employers' matching gifts will be counted toward the expected member contribution level.)
  3. Participating in two BOV meetings and one additional Butler-related event (alumni event, career services, etc.) annually to demonstrate support towards the alma mater.
  4. Suggesting names of other College of Liberal Arts and Sciences graduates or other supporters of Butler University or the liberal arts and sciences in general as potential members of the Board of Visitors.
  5. Identifying and providing names of other graduates, friends, and community leaders who would be interested in supporting the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.
  6. Sharing key messages with new audiences about the need to support the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Butler University as it advances its mission in the 21st century.  
  7. Meeting the other responsibilities outlined in Article V of the BOV's By-Laws from time to time.

The passion and commitment which the Butler University College of Liberal Arts and Sciences BOV members exhibit with respect to the College should encourage students, Butler graduates, and friends of the College to rally to the cause and help ensure the success of its initiatives.

A Development Committee of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences BOV has been created in part to review member expectations and to assist each member in fulfilling these responsibilities successfully. Toward this end, the Development Committee will review the above expectations on a semi-annual basis, together with BOV members' efforts to meet or exceed them, as a means of helping the BOV optimize this service opportunity on behalf of the College. The Committee will not have access to individual giving levels but will receive BOV contributions data from authorized development staff only on an aggregate basis. Furthermore, the Committee will use the results of such reviews solely to help and encourage BOV members to take advantage of opportunities to support the College in a manner consistent with the expectations outlined above.