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LAS Background
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

LAS BOV Development Committee Charter


The purpose of the Development Committee (the "Committee") of the Board of Visitors (the "Board") of Butler University's College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (the "College") is to assist the Board, on its behalf and during periods between its meetings, in fulfilling its mission of supporting the College

Committee Membership

The Committee shall consist of the Vice Chair of the Board and five to nine additional members, at least three of whom shall be voting members nominated by the Board's Chair and appointed by the Board, and two of whom shall be non-voting ex officio members consisting of the Dean of the College and the Butler Development Officer assigned to the Board.   Unless otherwise determined by the Board in consultation with the Dean of the College, the Vice Chair of the Board shall chair the Committee.

Committee members may be removed or replaced by the Board from time to time in its discretion.

Committee Authority and Responsibilities

  1. The Committee shall, on behalf of the Board and subject to its approval, establish a set of expectations for members of the Board, which shall be designed to facilitate the Board members' ability to advocate for the College and support its needs.
  2. The Committee shall identify and implement actions to assist the Board members in fulfilling these membership expectations successfully.
  3. The Committee shall review membership expectations on a semi-annual basis, together with the Board members' efforts to meet or exceed them, as a means of helping the Board optimize its service opportunity on behalf of the College. The Committee will not have access to individual giving levels but will receive Board contribution data from authorized development staff only on an aggregate basis. Furthermore, the Committee will use the results of such reviews solely to help and encourage Board members to take advantage of opportunities to support the College in a manner consistent with the aforementioned membership expectations. To the extent the results of the Committee's semi-annual review are presented to the full Board, the results will be aggregated and designed to give the Board a sense of its overall performance relative to these expectations.
  4. The Committee shall work with the Dean and the Development Officer to develop a recruitment process for new Board members consistent with the Board's By-Laws. In addition, the Committee shall assist the Dean and the Development Officer with a new member on-boarding process, including the preparation and maintenance of a member orientation manual, a description of BOV member benefits, and a list of opportunities for member engagement with the College and the University that reflects the Dean's current priorities.

Committee Operations

  1. The Committee shall generally hold two regular meetings per year (in addition to such special meetings as it may determine to be necessary or appropriate). The Committee may meet in person or via teleconference.
  2. The Committee may include in its meetings such members of Butler staff as it deems necessary or appropriate to support its activities.
  3. The Committee may, in consultation with the Dean, obtain advice and assistance external advisors to assist it in carrying out its functions.
  4. The Committee may from time to time take such other actions as it deems necessary or appropriate to further its purpose of supporting the Board. The Committee shall review and reassess the adequacy of this charter on an annual basis, taking into account the Committee's purpose and its own assessment of its effectiveness, and it shall recommend any proposed charter or by-law changes to the Board for approval.