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Interior of the Business Building, home of the Lacy School of Business
Andre B. Lacy School of Business

Lacy School Career Mentors

Lifelong Relationships

From their first day on campus, students begin working with a personal career mentor. These former executives worked at companies such as Cummins, Anthem, Roche, and IBM and have significant professional business experience. Career mentors help students discover career paths and interests—and how to structure their time at Butler to meet their goals.

In the Words of a Career Mentor

I believe in the unique potential for greatness in each student I mentor. But the real magic happens when they start believing it. Seeing them shine is pure joy.

                           —Randy Brown, formerly Chief HR Officer, WellPoint (Anthem)


The ‘College Years’ are a magical time. I love being personally involved with the transformation of students in their journey from high school seniors to college graduates by sharing strategies and insights, instilling confidence, challenging pre-conceptions, and expanding horizons.

                           —Lorraine Phillips Vavul, formerly Manager of PR & Market Research, Baker Daniels