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Interior of the Business Building, home of the Lacy School of Business
Andre B. Lacy School of Business

Bulldog Initiative for a Generous Society

Butler BIGS: The Bulldog Initiative for a Generous SocietyButler BIGS, the Bulldog Initiative for a Generous Society, is a student-run service organization on Butler University’s campus. We are a group of students dedicated to nurturing and further developing a community of generosity. Our organization has made tremendous strides in the last few months due to a highly motivated group of students who relentlessly pursue this idea of a community where those who desire to make a difference can do so. Our dream is to ensure that those who want to make a difference are able to maximize their impact.

Our Mission

BIGS’ mission is to provide capital (human and monetary) to individuals who aspire to make the world a better place through philanthropy.

We aspire to develop inspirational, meaningful connections with people within the Indianapolis Community by encouraging Butler students, faculty, and staff to step outside of typical college life. Through this experience, we hope to leave a lasting impact that will forever change the lives of others for the better.

Apply to Request Capital

 Interested in working with BIGS? Please fill out this form to apply for capital from the Butler BIGS organization.

2019–2020 Executive Team

  • Executive President: Ray Kreloff
  • Executive Vice President: Rob Kreloff
  • Executive Director of Finance: Yusuf Saeedi
  • Executive Director of Marketing: Maggie Rohrer
  • Executive Director of Internal Operations: Alex Jones
  • Executive Director of Fundraising: Graeme Wright
  • Executive Director of Special Events: Dakotah Harris