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Lilly Hall
Jordan College of the Arts

Jordan College Rental and Usage Guidelines

General Scheduling Information

If an individual is planning an event in Lilly Hall or the Eidson-Duckwall Recital hall, this person must reserve the date using the campus calendar request form, at least 4 weeks prior to any performance or master class and 1 week prior to any meeting or rehearsal. If the event is being planned by a student organization, then that group must request the hall through the PuLSE Office request form.

When scheduling events other than required recitals, rehearsals or area meetings, students and faculty must ensure that they have the full support of their department heads. Should the user(s) not have the sponsorship of their respective department, rental fees may be assessed by the Office of University Events.

Room set-up

All classrooms must be returned to classroom order following all events, meetings or rehearsals. In LH110 this means tables and chairs set up in three rows, in LH133, 141, 145, 120, 044 or 124, this means all chairs set up in even rows facing the front of the classroom. Failure to reset rooms at the end of your event may result in a room set-up fee.

Access to Jordan College spaces

Keys for classrooms may be checked out by students from Janice Thornburgh in the Jordan College main office. Keys for the EDRH may be checked out from Janice Thornburgh or Joy Rogers by faculty members only (music faculty obtain key from music secretary) for confirmed rehearsals and recitals. It is expected that faculty members will be present during all student rehearsal and performance time in the hall. Therefore, the faculty member will be responsible for picking up and returning the key and for securing the hall at the end of the rehearsal. Keys must be returned the next business day after any event, meeting or rehearsal. Lost Keys: $300 will be charged for lost keys.


For Student/Faculty Recitals: Aramark has approved simple catering of cold food items by family members for a gathering of less than 100 people. Receptions may be held in either the Weedman Lobby or the Ford Salon pending availability.  For events in any other space, Aramark must be contacted if there is to be food provided.


Faculty members/students will not be assessed any space rental rates for department sponsored recitals/events other than worker, equipment rental or space set-up fees. Should a faculty member/student wish to use a Jordan College space for an event that is not a department sponsored performance a space rental fee will charged. Faculty members/students may not use their status when requesting spaces for the use of external groups.

Recital Scheduling Process

Students are encouraged to schedule their recital as early as possible in order to attain the date/time of their choice. Recital dates may be secured as early as 6 weeks before the end of the semester prior to the semester of the performance for faculty recitals and for required degree recitals. Non-required recitals may be scheduled as early as 2 weeks before the end of the semester prior to the semester of the performance. All recital commitments must be finalized by the 4th week of the semester in which the performance takes place.

  1. When scheduling a recital date, students should make sure to have done so in consultation with their applied teacher. They should reserve the date by completing the campus calendar request form.
  2. The program draft, initialed by the student's applied teacher, must be submitted to Joy Rogers in the Lilly Hall music office (LH229) 3 weeks before the recital with an additional copy sent by e-mail to Program drafts submitted should include the following:  full composers' names; all composers' dates of birth and (if applicable) dates of death; Opus #, movement titles, excerpts, etc. If a required undergraduate or graduate recital, the following must be included on the program copy:  "This recital is presented in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the ­­________ degree in _______."  Graduate students should include the title of their undergraduate degree, name of institution and date of graduation.
  3. Students must check that they have read and agree to the Facility Usage Agreement, which articulates expectations of those using Jordan College spaces. 
  4. A student may schedule rehearsal time in the hall once all of the above- mentioned has been submitted.

Additional Scheduling Information for Recitals

  • There will be no recitals scheduled during reading days or final examinations except under emergency circumstances with permission of the department chair.
  • Requests involving the scheduling of two JCA Music Department events (i.e. recitals, concerts, etc.) at the same time, regardless of location, will be denied except under emergency circumstances with permission of the department chair.
  • Lilly Hall classrooms may not be used for weekend or evening recitals except in the case of special programming or instrument needs that cannot be accommodated in EDRH.
  • Recitals may be scheduled in the Johnson Room of Robertson Hall only when there are conflicts with Eidson-Duckwall Recital Hall AND after discussion with Courtney Hardy, Jr. prior to scheduling.
  • Off-campus recitals will be permitted if solely arranged by the performer. Event details should be submitted to Courtney Hardy, Jr. for inclusion in the Campus Master Calendar. Programs must still be generated through the School of Music Office (see #2 above).  All charges for use of off-campus space, including instrument moving and tuning, is the responsibility of the performer. Any performance that occurs off-campus will NOT be recorded by JCA.

Performance Times

In an effort to maintain uniformity, there will be standardized performance times for the hall. These standard performance times for EDRH are as follows:

  • Monday–Thursday: 5:00 PM performance, 7:30 PM performance
  • Friday: 5:00 PM performance, 8:00 PM performance
  • Saturday and Sunday: 11:00 AM performance, 2:00 PM performance, 5:00 PM performance, 8:00 PM performance

For these performance times, performers shall have access to the facility beginning one hour prior to the start time and for thirty minutes following any performance.  Outside of those times, the hall will be closed.  The house will open ½ hour before a performance for the audience to enter, and the event will start promptly at the scheduled performance time unless the Facilities & Events Manager or the scheduled recording technician decide to override this protocol on a case-by-case basis.

Canceling or Postponing an Event  

Should an event need to be cancelled or postponed, the performer must contact Courtney Hardy, Jr. (x9657) at least 48 hours prior to the event. Mr. Hardy will then be responsible for contacting all other necessary parties.

Rehearsal Times

It is important to note that the EDRH is a performance hall, not a rehearsal hall. The purpose of rehearsal time in the hall is to aid the performer(s) in becoming acquainted with the hall, the piano, and the performance situation in general. Students are expected to have materials thoroughly learned and ensembles prepared before rehearsing in the hall.

For all scheduled performances, a 2-hour block of rehearsal time is to be scheduled. Piano recitals may schedule an additional 2 hours for a total of 4 hours of rehearsal. This time may be scheduled through using the campus calendar request form.

Worker Fees

The JCA Facilities and Events Manager will supervise the roster of EDRH Recording Technicians/House Managers, which is comprised of work-study students. When assigned, these students are responsible for the supervision and execution of any event that takes place in the recital hall as well as any special set-up needs for the facilities. To supplement the cost of these workers, JCA will charge a fee of $60 (for recording) or $30 (house managing-in case of no recording this amount will be charged alone, with recording the total would be $90 if additional staff is requested).

Should students require a house manager or stage-hand for their performance in addition to a recording technician, it is suggested that they ask a fellow Butler student to assist them. If the students require that JCA to assign a house manager from the work-study roster, then they will be charged the $30 fee for the house manager assignment.

Any performance that occurs in the recital hall must be recorded by a JCA recording technician, which roster consists the Facilities and Events Manager (Courtney Hardy, Jr.) and JCA work-study students. For these recordings, a fee of $60 will be charged in order to supplement the cost of these workers and the use of the equipment. A student or faculty member that wishes to record rehearsal time may do so by using the recording box in the backstage area, for which a fee will not be assessed.

Eidson Duckwall Recital Hall Facility Usage Agreement

Use of the recital hall is a privilege, which carries significant responsibility. JCA functions (recitals, lectures, concerts, etc.) that take place in the recital hall must have a faculty sponsor who is expected to be in attendance and who is ultimately responsible for the care and security of the hall. Following are guidelines for the use of the facility.

  • All instruments, chairs, stands and anything else that was used during a rehearsal or a performance must be returned to its appropriate place. Lights should be turned off and all doors must be secured when leaving the hall.
  • No food or beverages are allowed in the recital hall at any time. Those items may be enjoyed in the Green Room, or in the Ford Salon downstairs. (Water bottles for performers are the only exception)
  • All materials brought into the hall (i.e. backpacks, coats, music cases, etc.) are to be kept backstage. No materials should be placed on chairs in the hall.
  • Rehearsals are closed sessions - to be attended by performers and faculty sponsors only.
  • Keys to the facility must be signed out from Courtney Hardy, Jr. (LH138C) by the faculty sponsor on or before the day of the confirmed rehearsal/performance, and they must be returned on the following business day. A fee of $300.00 will be charged for lost keys.
  • Catering for student/faculty recitals: Students are allowed to personally cater their own recitals. Otherwise, Aramark must be contracted for any food/beverage needs in the EDRH or FS, including all non-JCA events. Performers should contact Courtney Hardy, Jr. as to whether they want to hold their reception in the Ford Salon (pending availability) or lobby area and include this information on the campus calendar scheduling form. Food and/or beverages are not permitted inside the performance hall at any time.
  • Canceling or Postponing an Event: Should an event need to be cancelled or postponed, the following must be contacted by the performer: Courtney Hardy, Jr., x9657 and Joy Rogers x9246.

A fee of $50.00 will be charged if a scheduled event is not canceled at least 2 days prior to the event.