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Lilly Hall
Jordan College of the Arts

Multisensory Learning Facility

The mission of this multimedia-rich facility is to design, test, and support teaching and learning of the arts through Butler University's Dance, Theatre, Music, and Visual Arts curricula.

Classes and curricular support for students and faculty include web authoring, advanced word processing, graphic media scanning and editing, digital audio multi-track recording and editing, digital video input, multimedia authoring, MIDI notation, MIDI sequencing, theatre lighting, computer assisted design (CAD), and computer assisted instruction (CAI). The MLF employs 100baseT Ethernet to each station, 802.11b wireless access for student and faculty laptops, and Korg's newest Group Education Control3 digital technology for class instruction and private study. The MLF is equipped with video projection, audio amplification, video conferencing via iChat/AIM, and Remote Desktop Access. To better assist with the above tasks, we also provide resources for storing and retrieving large digital files using external hard drives drives, iPods, CD burning, and DVD burning.

This 17-station iMac facility is designed and directed by Dr. Tim Brimmer, with support from graduate assistants, lab managers and trained assistants who staff this facility 60+ hours per week throughout the academic year. Additional curriculum support is available for faculty by appointment. Suggestions for improving the use of this facility are welcomed and encouraged. For more information, contact Dr. Brimmer.

Students who have successfully completed ME345/545 (Exploring the Digital Arts) or its equivalent may be eligible for employment as MLF staff. Those who are interested should apply at Internship and Career Services and contact Dr. Brimmer. When not serving as a classroom, the MLF is open for students and faculty.

NOTE: Use of this facility for academic or artistic purposes other than described above, however worthwhile, is a lower priority, and will be allowed only as time, space and staffing permit. Use of this facility and its resources for non-academic and non-artistic purposes is strictly prohibited.