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Jordan College of the Arts

JCA Strategic National Arts Alumni Project (SNAAP) 2012

Jordan College of the Arts​ prepares its students for success!

Jordan College of the Arts conducted an extensive survey of our alumni through the Strategic National Arts Alumni Project.  The results of the study show that, compared to other surveyed institutions, JCA alumni are:

  • 24% more satisfied with career advising
  • 11% more likely to have job placement before they graduate
  • 17% more likely to have first employment in the area of their studies
  • 19% more likely to make a financial contribution to the arts
  • 29% more satisfied with internship opportunities
  • 24% more preparation in leadership skills
  • 13% more job security





The Survey

The SNAAP survey is an extensive online survey of alumni from arts institutions. The instrument includes over 100 questions and includes opportunities for commentary. Jordan College was one of 127 arts institutions to take part during 2011 and 2012.

We have accomplished our three goals:

  1. To meaningfully engage our alumni
  2. To identify past points of strength and weakness and provide a benchmark for improvement
  3. To develop reliable data for marketing

The survey was available for response during October and November 2012. JCA was aggressive in informing our alumni of the importance of participation, resulting in a response rate better than most institutions participating. Our response rate was 26% (598 respondents), more than double the rate of other Midwest institutions and considerably higher than the 17% average response rate nationwide. Finally, the email research provided by SNAAP resulted in finding nearly 650 new or corrected emails for our alumni.


The report, including answers to questions and hundreds of pages of commentary, became available in May 2013. JCA's analysis has just been completed and is attached.

In the report and in our analysis, responses of our alumni are compared to alumni of four comparison groups:

  1. Private institutions that are similar to ours from among all participating institutions
  2. Public and private institutions similar to ours that are located in the Midwest
  3. Public and private institutions similar to ours that are located across the country
  4. The full group of 127 institutions

Findings: Brilliant Blue

Of the 72 most relevant comparative questions or question parts, Butler leads the field in all but 12, and in some areas we lead by more than 20%. We trail in only four questions. From the survey results, we have pulled 25 specific bragging points, 12 positive statements based on averaging groups of similar questions, and four points of concern. These are listed on the following pages.

Bragging Points


Complete Survey Results