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Holcomb Building
Information Technology

Chromecast & Apple TV

Chromecast and Apple TV are designed for use on small home networks rather than more complex enterprise and campus environments. They do not communicate across IP address subnets. Due to this manufacturer limitation, these devices may not function or fully function on the Butler University network.


Chromecast will not work on the Butler network.

Apple TV

Some Apple TV services are functional on the Butler network. Please note that registration is required in order to connect your Apple TV to the internet.

Services That Work

  • Watching previews of movies from iTunes
  • Renting a movie from Apple
  • Purchasing a movie from Apple
  • Services like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo, NBA, NHL, and MLB

Services That Will Not Work

  • Any AirPlay functions such as:
    • Games
    • Screen mirroring from an iPad, iPhone, or Mac computer
    • Streaming content from an iPad, iPhone, or Mac computer
    • Playing stored content from an iTunes account on a Mac or PC computer

Please note that iTunes library sharing is also affected by this issue and will not function on the Butler network.