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Information Technology

Butler Network and Getting Connected

BU Secure Wireless is the name of Butler's campus-wide secure wireless network. Guest/Open wireless is available in some areas of campus. If you have any questions, please visit the sections below for more information.


Get Connected

Check out the links below for information on getting your devices connected to the Butler network!

How do I connect my laptop, tablet, and smartphone to the Butler network?

How do I connect my Smart TV and streaming devices to the Butler network?

How do I get my gaming systems connected to the Butler network?

How do guests connect to wireless on campus?

Wireless Coverage Areas

Butler's wireless is expanding and being upgraded all the time. Click this link to see areas of campus currently covered by wireless.

Wireless Interference

Make sure you aren't using a device that cause interference with the wireless network. Check out our webpage about devices that can cause issues.

Wireless Standards

Butler does not allow students to run their own wireless access points or routers on the university network. For more information, click this link.