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Information Technology

Unwanted Email

Butler University is dedicated to eliminating unwanted mail such as spam. Currently, Information Technology offers two services to prevent this mail from reaching your inbox: the Junk Email folder in Outlook, and the University Spam Filter. These services are not related; the Spam Filter is managed by the University, and the Junk Email Folder is something that you manage. Unwanted mail may lead to virus infection on your computer.

It is simply impossible in today’s world for any spam filter to block 100% of spam messages. The scammers who write spam constantly look for new and innovative ways to get around filters, and it takes the filter companies time to catch their technology up. Of the 90 MILLION email messages Butler receives each quarter, our spam filter prevents 99.8% from ever reaching you. The other 0.2% is comprised of legitimate messages plus the spam messages that evade our filter. All told, our SPAM filter does an extremely good job at preventing us from receiving spam. For more information, visit the pages below.

  • Spam Filter - Butler University blocks 90% of all incoming spam email using the Spam Filter.
  • Junk Email Folder - Your Junk Email filter routes unwanted mail to this folder instead of your inbox.
  • Unwanted Email FAQs - Unsure about the difference between Spam Filter and Junk Email? Visit our FAQ page for help with this and for tips for avoiding unwanted mail.