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Holcomb Building
Information Technology

Smartphones & Other Mobile Devices

Information Technology offers limited support of smartphones to Butler faculty, staff, and students.

Securing Your Mobile Device

IT recommends following the best practices below to ensure the security of your mobile device. Mobile devices are very prevalent on campus. The features that make these devices useful also make them a target for theft.

  • Do not leave mobile devices unattended when not in use (e.g. in your car, lounge, or study area). When not in use, store them in a secure location. 
  • Password protect your mobile devices and enable the auto-lockout feature. The password protect feature blocks access to your device until your password is entered. Use the strongest password your device supports.
  • Enable remote tracking features for your mobile device.  Your remote tracking software should support advanced features like remote wipe and remote lockout.
    • Apple remote tracking is done through iCloud.
    • Windows Phone tracking is done through Find My Phone.
    • Android remote tracking is done through 3rd party applications. We do not officially recommend a tracking product for the Android platform, but the following should work for your mobile device.
  • Do not circumvent security features or jailbreak your mobile device.
  • Wipe or securely delete data before you dispose of or recycle your mobile device.
  • Lost, stolen, or misplaced mobile devices should be immediately reported to BUPD. If you have enabled remote tracking, there is a better chance that your mobile device can be returned to you.