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How Do I...?

Review the list below for helpful how-to information related to printing, copying, scanning and faxing on campus.

How do I order paper or toner for my copier/printer?

To order paper

Contact the person in your area that orders office supplies. Office 360 authorized purchasers should use the Office 360 website. All white 20lb 8 ½ X 11 paper for copiers/printers should be charged to "10130-PrintSmart/Paper".

To order toner

Submit a request online at or contact the IT Help Desk. Be sure to include the queue name and model (e.g., HP 4250) of the device in your request.


NOTE: The above applies to laser printers only. Toner for inkjet printers must be ordered through Office 360 as those devices are not covered by the PrintSmart program.

How do I print in color to a color copier?

Note: All color copiers will automatically set up to print to black and white.

For Microsoft Office applications, select "File", "Print" and "Printer Properties" located by the name of the copier. Uncheck the box beside "Black and White Print" if it is checked. The checkbox is located at the bottom right of the window.

For .pdf files, select "File", "Print" and "Properties" located by the name of the copier. Uncheck the box beside "Black and White Print" if it is checked. The checkbox is located at the bottom of the window.

How do I set black and white printing as default on a Mac?

Mac users will need to create a preset for B&W and save it as the default. You should only need to change the setting once; it will stick across all apps.

  1. Open a page in Safari
  2. Choose File > Print
  3. Click the Show Details button in the bottom left (if you see "hide details" you do not need to click anything)
  4. Select Color from the bottommost drop down menu
  5. If the padlock is closed, click it to allow changes
  6. Select Black and White from the Color Mode drop down menu
  7. Click the padlock to lock it
  8. Click Print to print a test page and save these settings

How do I print on letterhead?

The bypass tray on all Sharp devices has been set to letterhead by default. To print on letterhead, place the paper in the tray face up with the header on the side closest to the device.

To adjust default settings on a Sharp device, contact the Help Desk.

How do I print confidential documents?

Sharp copier/printers have a feature called "Follow Me Printing". This printing method allows you to print to any Sharp device by sending your print job to a print queue named "Sharp_FollowMe". Once you've sent your job to the queue, log on to any Sharp device using your Butler ID card or your username and password. A screen with your print job will appear. Simply select it and release it to print.

Any jobs sent to the follow me print queue are tied to your log-in. You are the only person who can see and release your follow me print jobs. This makes it a great option if you ever need to print confidential documents.

Follow the instructions for adding network printers/print queues to add "Sharp_FollowMe" to your computer.

How do I check my printing/copying history?

You can check your printing and copying history by visiting (on campus only).

How do student workers print/copy for their campus job?

Student workers who have been/will be hired via proper University procedures will automatically have the option to charge an account for each job they are hired for (some students have multiple campus jobs).

When printing, students will be presented with a pop-up window from PrintSmart asking what account each job should be charged to. The default action is to charge their personal PrintSmart account. When printing for work, they should choose "Charge to shared account" and then select the appropriate account. Similarly, if they make copies for their job, they will be asked which account to charge when they log into any Sharp copier. IT will send a monthly report to each department that shows the details of each user's printing.

Supervisors should communicate their expectations for what constitutes "work printing" directly with their student workers.

Updated 2/15/13.