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PrintSmart Faculty & Staff Frequently Asked Questions

All faculty and staff should review the FAQ below in order to understand what to expect when printing, copying, scanning, and faxing on campus.

What are the costs for printing, copying, scanning, and faxing?

 All prices below are for one side of a sheet of paper. B&W=Black & White

Function Faculty & Staff Students
B&W print $0.035 TBD
B&W copy $0.035 Not Available
Color print or copy on Sharp device $0.09 Not Available
Color print or copy on HP device $0.12 Not Available
Incoming Fax on Sharp device Free Not Available
Outgoing fax on Sharp Free Free (in libraries only)
Scan (B&W or color) Free Free (in libraries only)

For color copies & prints in large quantities or a higher quality, contact Campus Impressions.  

Where are printers and copiers located and can I print in color?

See the printer and copier locations page for a map of all buildings and where printing, copying, faxing, and scanning devices are located.

There will be at least one color copier or printer located in each building. Color printing can be very expensive so use guidance and "best practices" from Butler's Document Hardware Management Standards.

Excerpt from standards:

Color printing should only be utilized where it is required to convey important information that would be lost in black and white. Only the necessary pages in the document should be printed in color. Other exceptions may also apply (e.g., signage, marketing materials, etc.) when printing in color may convey the message more effectively.

Does Butler support personal printers or pay for supplies?

Butler does not support personal printers or non-networked devices. 

Additional toner for Butler-owned personal laserjet personal printers can be ordered by contacting Purchasing.

What training resources are available?

There are several resources available to assist you.

How do I...?

Visit the How do I...? page for helpful how-to information related to printing, copying, scanning, and faxing on campus.

What will I see when I print?

Most faculty and staff will not see anything different than what they see today when printing from a Butler computer. If you are authorized to charge printing to multiple accounts you will see a dialog similar to the one below that will allow you to select the account that should be charged before each print job.

Can I scan documents and send them to a network folder?

At this time, in order to get scans to a network folder you should either email them to yourself and then copy them to the network or use Sharp Desk. We hope to add the ability to scan directly to a network folder in the future.

Do I still need to use a long-distance code to send a fax?

No, long distance codes are no longer necessary for making phone calls or sending faxes from most areas of campus. This includes offices, fax machines, conference rooms, and classrooms.

To fax from a Sharp multifunction device, follow these steps:

  1. Tap your Butler ID card or log in using the touch screen
  2. Load your document in the feeder face up
  3. Press "Use copier functions"
  4. On a Color device: select "Fax"
  5. On a B&W device: select "Scan & Fax" and then the "Fax" tab
  6. You can now enter the number directly with the # key pad or go to "Address Book" to find a fax destination
  7. If you need to enter a pause, select "Pause"
  8. Press Start to send

*For a 2-sided document press "AUTO ORIGINAL" on the Fax screen and choose "2-sided booklet" 

Will I be charged for an incoming fax and “Spam” faxes?

All faxes will be paid out of a general fund that has been set up for the PrintSmart program.

Will I get a fax confirmation page each time I send a fax?

By default, you will only get a confirmation page in the event of an error. If you need a confirmation page, click Fax > Others > Transaction Report > Always Print. If you would like to change the default action for a machine in your area, contact the IT Help Desk.

Who do I contact if my copier/printer need to be repaired and how long will I have to wait?

Contact the IT Help Desk if your copier/printer needs to be repaired.

During regular Help Desk business hours, a technician will respond to your request within two hours. If a repair is required after hours or on the weekend, a technician will respond to your request the next business day.

However, with PrintSmart, you can print to any device on campus and your department will be charged. There is no need to wait for your particular device to be repaired in order to print.

How will the new charge back system work for departments and colleges?

Everyone working for Butler is associated with a department or college based on their job or role with the University. PrintSmart is able to automatically charge your department when you print because you must be logged in to the network to do so. When you copy, you must log in to the copier by touching your Butler ID card to the card reader or entering your Butler username and password via the attached keyboard. Logging in identifies you to PrintSmart which then charges your department's account accordingly.

If you are a faculty or staff member with more than one departmental or academic charge back account, you will receive a pop-up window asking which account to charge after you click "Print" on your computer. You will also be asked which charge back account to charge for copies on the main control screen after you log in to a copier. If you don't have more than one charge back account, you will not receive a pop-up window.

**If you have multiple accounts and want to print, you must have the PrintSmart client installed on your computer. All Butler managed Windows computers already have the PrintSmart client installed. Butler managed Macs and personally owned computers may or may not have the PrintSmart client installed. Here are instructions for installing the PrintSmart client on your computer.

How will I receive the monthly printing report that I previously received for copies?

This report used to be sent via email; it will now be included in the monthly budget report. In place of one line item for copies, budget managers will now see a line per user whose printing charged their department Service Code.

The following information will be included in the report:

Username, Full Name, Black Pages, Color Pages, Cost

This will allow you to see the details of your department's printing for the given month. If you require additional details, please request that information from the IT Help Desk.

Who should I call if I have a billing question or issue?

Contact the IT Help Desk if you have a billing question or an issue with your charge back report as soon as possible.

Can guests print on campus?

Guests visiting a library or who are on campus for a conference will need to contact either the Library or Conferences and Special Events for information on how to log onto the network and print.

What is Sharp Desk?

Sharp Desk is software the can be installed on a Butler computer that will enable you to send scanned documents directly to your computer. If you think Sharp Desk would be beneficial to you, contact the IT Help Desk for more information.

Does Butler have document hardware management standards?

Who do I contact if I need a new copier/printer or an additional copier/printer?

If you need a new or additional copier/printer, contact the IT Help Desk. According to Butler's Document Hardware Management Standards, standard model devices must be used unless there is a justified need for a higher level specification model. Additional devices will be considered for an individual or work group based on a substantiated business need and endorsement by the department head or above.

Does Butler support inkjet printers?

All inkjet printers have limited support from IT. If the printer is beyond what we can repair within a reasonable amount of time, then it will be considered disposable and it will be the responsibility of the department to purchase another.

IT will not charge the $150 hub and software fee on purchases of inkjet printers as inkjets are not covered under the service agreement with our printer repair company.

Inkjets will not be networked. This means that only the person who is in possession of the printer will be able to print to it. Users with such devices will be given 15 minutes of friendly advice and then are encouraged to contact the manufacturer for additional support.

What should I use to clean my copier’s touch screen?

A water based glass cleaner sprayed on a cloth and not directly on the display screen.

As a faculty or staff member, how can I reduce my printing?

  • Utilize other file storage options such as your network storage space on BUfiles, Google Drive, or a USB flash drive to save documents instead of printing.
  • Read materials from the computer screen instead of printing.
  • If possible, allow students to submit work electronically via email or through Moodle instead of printing.
  • When reviewing journal articles, have the PDF or text of the article emailed to you instead of printing.
  • Use the comment and track changes features in Microsoft Word and other programs to provide feedback to others (instead of printing and marking up by hand).
  • Use online collaboration tools such as Google Docs instead of trading documents via email.
  • When printing materials:
    • Use the print preview feature to preview what will print before you print.
    • When printing website materials, look for a link to a "printable version" of the document. This will format the content for printing.
    • When printing website materials, make sure the last few sheets are not just advertisements or footer information.

FAQ last updated on 7/30/14.