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Holcomb Building
Information Technology

Prepare Your Technology for Move-In

Do These Things PRIOR to Arriving on Campus

  1. Install all operating system and software updates: Mac instructions - Windows instructions.
  2. Ensure your firewall is turned on. This setting may be controlled through antivirus software. For more information, please visit our webpage on antivirus software.
  3. Secure your mobile devices.
  4. Bring along headphones and external webcam/microphone (if needed).
  5. Access your Butler Microsoft OneDrive and/or Google Drive cloud storage and familiarize yourself with the software. 

What Technology Should I Leave at Home?

  • Wireless peripherals including:
    • Wireless printers (or disable wireless and print via USB)
    • Wireless access points or routers (including Apple Airport/Time Capsule)
    • Wireless speaker systems for your PC or stereo
    • Wireless keyboards and mice (Bluetooth is acceptable)
    • Wireless video cameras
  • Zigbee or Wireless USB (2.4 GHz) devices
  • 2.4 GHz cordless telephones
  • Devices designed for personal home networks, such as Chromecast

What Technology Should I Bring to Campus?

  • Laptop, desktop, tablet, e-reader, smartphone, or other computing device(s) and chargers
  • Headphones, and if needed, external webcam/microphone
  • Software application installation discs (if your software came with them)
  • TV with built-in QAM tuner to connect to campus cable system (most TVs since 2006 include this)
  • Coaxial cable to connect TV to cable (Fairview House residents: you must have an RG 6 coaxial cable in order to connect)
    • ​Visit the Cable TV page for setup instructions and the Cable TV FAQ
  • Ethernet cable  - if you wish to connect devices such as game systems to the wired network
  • Unmanaged switch - if you  need additional/simultaneous wired network connections (for example, here is an unmanaged switch - please note IT does not endorse this brand/model)

Looking for Discounts on New Computers and Software?

 For more information, visit or contact the IT Help Desk.