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Holcomb Building
Information Technology

Identity Theft

What is identity theft?

Identity theft is when sensitive information is either stolen or disclosed unknowingly in order to use it for fraud or other crimes. Around 10 million Americans each year have their identity stolen. Identity theft most often involves the following pieces of information (which are protected under Indiana law):

  • Social Security number
  • Driver's license or state id number
  • Credit or debit card number
  • Financial account number
  • Passwords

How do I protect identity theft information?

There are several things you MUST do according to Butler policy to protect identity theft information:

  • Collect and store identity theft information only when absolutely essential to your task; use alternate information, such as the Butler employee ID number when possible.  
  • Store all electronic documents that contain identity theft information on Butler's central file storage (BUfiles) or in the central administrative systems such as Advance, PeopleSoft, etc. These are the most secure locations.
  • Keep all paper documents containing sensitive information in locked storage when not in use. To discard sensitive documents, place them in the grey locked storage containers located with most copy machines across campus; the grey containers are emptied and shredded by a bonded firm. 
  • Return unused electronic devices to Information Technology (IT) for proper and secure disposal.  
  • Contact IT if identity theft data must be transferred to an outside party to ensure a secure transfer method. 
  • If you accidently lose control of or improperly dispose of paper or electronic media that contains any of the information defined above, notify your supervisor who will notify the Chief Information Officer or Vice President of Finance.
  • Do not store identity theft information fields on your Butler or home PC or Mac, on your laptops, Smartphone, or mobile storage devices such as CDs or USB "thumb" drives. These are not secure and are easily misplaced.
  • Do not send identity theft fields via email to anyone inside or outside of Butler.  
  • Do not dispose of documents with sensitive information in standard trash cans.

There are several things you can do to protect all electronic information:

  • Never share your Butler password with anyone or post your password to computer applications.
  • Maintain a strong password that is not easy for someone else to guess. The system allows longer "pass phrases" which can be easy to remember but impossible to guess; example:nirvana**340.
  • Never log on to your workstation and then let anyone else use it.
  • Always log off of your workstation when you are going to be away from your work area.
  • Install only reputable or Butler licensed software on your computers.