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Information Technology

Fair, Responsible and Acceptable Computer Use

Policy:  Fair, Responsible and Acceptable Computer Use
Dept. Responsible: Information Technology
Effective Date: March 1, 2010
Revised Date: December 20, 2009


Information technology is a powerful tool in advancing the mission of the University.  Common sense and mutual respect underlie all rights, privileges and responsibilities of those who utilize these technologies.  It is the intent of the University that the community shares these resources in creative and exciting ways in advancing our goals.  Inappropriate use can result in the loss of the privilege of accessing Butler Systems or data.  It can also lead to disciplinary action, potential termination or legal action.  The purpose of this policy is to outline what constitutes fair and acceptable use of computer technologies at Butler University.


This policy applies to all users of Butler University's computer and voice systems (hereafter referred to as "Butler Systems"):  This includes all computer systems, Butler provided devices, data storage, related communication technologies, and information transmitted or maintained on these technologies.

Policy Statement

  1. Fair & appropriate use:
    1. Supporting the mission of the University, teaching/learning, creative activities, or engaging the community
    2. Supporting studies, instruction, duties as employees, official University business, and University sanctioned activities
    3. Faculty & Staff:  incidental personal use
    4. All users must:
      1. Comply with all state, federal, and local laws;
      2. Comply with all University policies;
      3. Comply with IT standards regarding usage of network and technological resources
      4. Respect intellectual property rights of others;
      5. Protect files and system access from use by others;
      6. Practice etiquette in communication;
      7. Utilize systems via only your Butler assigned computer account and I.D.; and
      8. Access only files or systems that are yours, public, or that the account holder has given you permission to access
  2. Inappropriate use:
    1. Operating a personal business (except as part of a class sponsored activity).
    2. Serving as primary computer system for outside organization, except:
      1. where Butler has official affiliate relationship; or
      2. where approval has been granted from college/division leadership and Information Technology and applicable accounts obtained in advance.
    3. Using resources excessively, e.g., utilizing resources notably beyond the norm for the person's role on campus.
    4. Circumventing security measures at Butler or on other networks.
    5. Impersonating others.


The oversight of this policy is the responsibility of the CIO, and should be reviewed annually.

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Revision History

Approved by the Board of Trustees: February 26, 2010
Approved by Sr. Administrative Group: January 19, 2010
Approved by the Information Management Council: December 20, 2009
Created 12/20/2009 as complete rewrite from Computer Use Policy, June 2002