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Holcomb Building
Information Technology

Computer Use Master Policy

Policy: Computer Use Master Policy
Dept. Responsible: Information Technology
Effective Date: March 1, 2010
Revised Date: December 20, 2009


Technology is a critical component in the pursuit of our mission as a university.  It helps promote communication; facilitates research, work and discussion; and is an essential tool in the delivery of our teaching mission.  It provides infrastructure needed to perform a wide range of University functions and to maintain essential University records.  Technology can also help build a sense of community within Butler, as well as with the surrounding community in which we learn, live and work.  But used in ways contrary to our goals, it can also be a powerful tool of harm.  As such, it is critical that all who use Butler's technology resources do so in fair and responsible ways and according to all applicable laws and University policies.

Butler also cherishes the privacy of personal content and freedom of expression that are at the core of intellectual pursuit and are fundamental to expression of teaching and learning.  However, this must be balanced against the legal responsibilities, rights and risks of the University and others.  This policy endeavors to balance the use of and need for technology, while creating an environment of respect and privacy and, at the same time, ensuring that the assets and reputation of the University are protected.


This policy applies to all users of Butler University's computer and voice systems (hereafter referred to as "Butler Systems"):  This includes all computer systems, Butler provided devices, data storage, related communication technologies, and information transmitted or maintained on these technologies.

Policy Statement

  1. Butler ownership & responsibility
    1. All Butler Systems are the property of the University unless explicitly defined otherwise through copyrights, law, the Butler University Intellectual Policy or a specific written agreement with the University. Butler University:
      1. Maintains the rights to all Butler Systems;
      2. Will take all reasonable and necessary steps to protect and secure systems and data; and
      3. Will employ tools reasonably necessary to ensure reliability of systems and the availability of its data.
    2. Butler maintains computer systems for the advancement of the University mission
    3. Access to Butler Systems is not in itself a right, but is a privilege provided to individuals with a legitimate need to access these systems.
    4. Acquisition of new computer systems and services will follow Butler procurement policies.  This includes following standards established by Information Technology or obtaining approval of the Chief Information Officer on new systems or services.
    5. At any time, if this policy is violated, access to Butler Systems may be revoked.
  2. Your rights and responsibilities as a computer user are to:
    1. Use Butler Systems for University purposes:
      1. To pursue knowledge to further teaching and learning;
      2. To facilitate the execution of your employment duties and responsibilities; and/or
      3. For incidental personal use by faculty and staff.
    2. Use Butler Systems in ways that keep your personal data and the data of the University secure. This can be done by:
      1. Never sharing your password.
      2. Using strong passwords and changing them at a minimum of every six months.
      3. Never allowing others to use your network account or access.
      4. Using all available tools to help protect Butler Systems; see other policies for more details on identity theft, FERPA, HIPAA, etc.
      5. Signing off or locking your computer when not attended.
      6. Being aware of common threats to computer systems and accounts (virus, phishing, social engineered attack, etc.).
    3. Use Butler Systems in legal manner by:
      1. Sharing music, video, images, document, etc.  only if you own or have permission to share such items.
      2. Using software and intellectual property provided accordance with software copyright and license agreements.
      3. Building community and relationships while not harassing or defaming others.
      4. Accessing all systems and data for which you have permission, but not attempting to or gain unauthorized access to systems or data to which you do not have access.
      5. Not impersonating others.
      6. Not attempting to disrupt other users or University computer system operations.
      7. Abiding by all applicable federal, state and local laws.
      8. Abiding by all University policies.
    4. Use Butler Systems in an ethical manner:
      1. By fostering the high ethical standards of the University.
      2. By refraining from use of technology for academic dishonesty (i.e., plagiarism or cheating).

Administration of Policy

The oversight of this policy is the responsibility of the CIO and should be reviewed annually.

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Revision History

Approved by the Board of Trustees: February 26, 2010
Approved by Sr. Administrative Group: January 19, 2010
Approved by the Information Management Council: December 20, 2009
Prior Update: June 2, 2002
Originally created: May 13, 1994