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Holcomb Building
Information Technology

Labs, Classrooms, & Mediated Spaces

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Summer 2016 Classroom Mediation Upgrades

The rooms below have been upgraded with the following:  hi-def widescreen lampless projectors, new doc cams, easy-to-use button panel control, touch screen monitor, AirDawg (wireless display capabilities), and Blu-Ray player.

  • FC 41, 248
  • JH 172, 183, 216, 278, 301, 303, 387
  • PHSB 103, 212

Additional Room Changes:

  • JH 41/43: still has an X shapX-shaped with 4 student tables (24 total seats with desktop PCs), 2 hi-def widescreen lampless projectors, new doc cam, easy-to-use touch screen control, touch screen instructor monitor, Blu-Ray player, and Air Daw (wireless display capability). The smartboards have been removed and there are 2 displays.
  • JH 141: new extra bright hi-def projector.
  • JH 220: entirely new design based off of faculty feedback, featuring 6 four-student collaboration tables with 32" monitors and laptops (replacing old desktops), hi-def widescsreen lampless projector, new doc cam, easy-to-use touchscreen, confidence monitor at the rear of the room, Blu-Ray, and AirDawg.
  • PHSB 302:  new control system interface and improved sound and display clarity.
  • PHSB 150/156: 75" smartboard widescreen LCDS, upgrade to brighter hi-def widescreen lampless projectors, simpler interface with automatic light and shade adjustments at startup, Blu-Ray player, and AirDawg.
  • IL 007: rotated front of classroom, setup for distance education with confidence monitor, hi-def camera, and mic for instructor.